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What to expect this Leo season

What to expect this Leo season

Exciting things are in store for Leos as we enter their zodiac season, but this phase isn't just for the fiery felines alone. There's something for everyone as the Sun eases into center stage. 

This comes as good news after surviving two eclipses during Cancer season. A single eclipse can be emotionally draining with its ability to turn your life upside down — imagine the chaos two eclipses can cause. Thankfully, we're past that and ready to take on the summer and everything it has to offer, with the Sun providing most of our energies and balance.

And the award goes to...

Fixed signs — Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio — were the real winners of Cancer season mainly because these signs rarely get affected by the extreme pull of eclipses anyway. However, the new season might come with a special set of challenges.

For Leos, Leo season is — obviously — going to be an auspicious season. Not only is it your birth month, your sign is ruled by the sun, an extremely powerful and near-unlimited source of energy. Take the bright, warm, and overpowering qualities of the sun and make them your own this season: be unapologetic, be proud, be brave, and be glorious!

What is Leo season generally like?

Leo is such a fiery character so expect nothing short of an exciting and action-packed season. This season is always well-timed: the sun is at its highest point in the northern hemisphere, which means summertime in the Tropic of Cancer. When summer hits, we let loose. We go on spontaneous trips, have wild adventures, change our looks, or try something totally new. Generally — or when we are not dealing with an eclipse or a retrograde event — Leo season gives everyone a chance to explore their brave and daring sides.

But is Leo season 2019 going to be just like any other season? Surprisingly, the first three weeks of Leo season are going to be challenging for a few zodiac signs. Blame Mercury retrograde, which sees the planet energetically asleep until July 31. Here’s what you can expect for your zodiac sign with Leo in charge:

Gemini: Gemini is ruled by Mercury so the retrograde might affect you in ways you wouldn't expect. While Leo season calls you to move ahead with your plans, the retrograde might bring up old problems and cause you to fall back. Fight distractions and commit yourself to what you've planned.

Virgo: Virgo is sprightly, just like Leo, and a Mercury sign, like Gemini. You are one of this season's biggest winners, but don't rush into new adventures and opportunities just yet. When it comes to your personal relationships, foster friendships during the retrograde, then jump into the next level of what these relationships may bring as soon as Mercury eases out.

Cancer: Cancers everywhere may be tempted to take a step back from their work and sleep-in all day. If time and work allow it, do it. The truth is, you've had such a tough Cancer season. This season, even in the midst of the retrograde, may be a good time to escape from it all.

Taurus: You might think about going on a spa a lot this season, or indulging yourself in everything that's ever made you happy. These feelings often come with summer, but the universe is going to be sending you that message a lot. When you have the opportunity to focus on yourself, please take it.

Libra: All eyes are going to be on you this season, so don't run away from any instance where you might be expected to take the lead. When the need calls for it, take the reins, and be the natural leader that you are.

Capricorn: While other signs are going to be inspired to go all out and do something spontaneous, the Leo season calls upon Capricorn to be more organized in all aspects. Busy days are ahead of you, so you may need to plan your time better. Some challenges will arise in the financial side of things, so practice more restraint and order when dealing with money matters.

Pisces: You're going to feel bummed out by the lack of order you've put into your daily affairs since the year started, but this season isn't going to motivate you a lot either. Perhaps the best advice you can take this season is to just go with the flow.

Sagittarius: The sun looks upon you with a certain kind of warmth and brightness you may not have felt before, and there's a good reason why it looks that way. For starters, the sun is in your ninth house — the area that represents philosophy and knowledge. You're going to have much luck in the self-development aspect of things this season so grow as much as you can!

Scorpio: When new opportunities knock, open the door and welcome them all. A lot is going to confront you this season. A new role or even new responsibilities might be on the horizon so be brave and face them all as gloriously as you can.

Aquarius: It seems July is your Valentine’s! Enjoy what romantic escapades come your way this season, because it's going to be a good time to explore the more sensual side of things.

Aries: Mercury's retrograde is going to be a real challenge for Aries. You might be tempted to message an old flame or to go back to a habit you've already left behind. Mercury's backward motion might reel you into old emotions, so it is important that you practice better self-control this time around.