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What to expect from your tarot card reading

What to expect from your tarot card reading

Have you ever wondered how an online tarot card reading can help you? Are tarot cards accurate? What do I ask a tarot reader?

You may have TONS of questions and that’s okay. I’m here to share my insights as a tarot reader, how I do a tarot card reading, and what you can learn from the cards.

I have been a tarot reader for 11 years. It all started in high school when my grandmother taught me how to read tarot cards. Once I became more confident with my readings and found a connection with my first Rider-Waite deck, I start doing readings professionally. 

At first, I was nervous. I didn't want to make it complicated or confuse the client. For each card I layout, I explain every detail of what the card is and even explain if it is positive or negative.

Here’s an idea of a 3-card tarot reading I often do:

The Moon tarot card

Moon card

In the picture here, you see a beautiful unicorn stopping in front of a pond. It sees its reflection and looks confused. Do you see yourself and wonder: who am I? Is this what I have grown to be? What am I doing?

Everyone has asked themselves these questions and seeks answers. It is okay to ask yourself that. Someday, you will find the answer and then you will know your next move.

This card is a positive card. You may be going through a time of confusion and not sure what you want to do. Take time to relax and practice self-love.

Tell yourself: it is only temporary.

The Death tarot card

Death card

Now don't be alarmed with this card. This card does not mean actual death or that someone may die. This card you see in the picture is the reaper himself sitting at his throne, looking directly at you. 

He is silent, yet you feel as if he is trying to tell you something. Have you been feeling judged? Or possibly feeling like you are giving up on yourself and people around you are disappointed in you because of that? This Death card is saying, "It is time for a change. It is time to let go of any negative feelings and start looking toward your future for the better.”

This card is a neutral card. It is both positive and negative. The negative side to this card is you are looking down upon others without knowing their struggles or looking down on yourself because of your own struggles. No one should be negative all the time, even if you are going through a difficult time in your life.

The positive side to this card is you have come to realize that change is a good thing. Looking for the positive in your life will do you better. You will see that the grass is greener on the other side and will have more positive energy around you. 

Tell yourself: I am transitioning into a better person and am very proud of myself.

The Magician tarot card

The Magician

We see a lovely woman looking confident and serene. Near her is a black widow. This card is saying: you need to watch yourself. Things may not be as they seem. You cannot be too sure when it comes to your surroundings. You may want to think twice about your next step or choose wisely about your next set of words.

This card is a negative card. You must learn from right and wrong. If you are choosing the right, your heart is righteous and your path will show you more good. 

Tell yourself: I am a righteous person at heart. No one will stop me from being positive.

A spread of tarot cards
A tarot card spread from MorticiaTarot's deck, Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot.

Find the positive in every reading

Sometimes a reading is difficult for me.

Every client wants a positive outcome but some end up with bad news.

Some people go as far as finding a new tarot reader to find a better outcome. It’s okay if you’re upset, just remember we want what’s best for you. I always encourage others to look on the bright side and a miracle may come your way.

Whether the reading has a good outcome or a bad outcome, stay positive and keep striving to be the best version of yourself today. Who knows what the future may hold for you?

Connect with me for a full reading so you can understand yourself more and find the insights you are looking for. Get your questions answered today!

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