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What the Metal Rat Has in Store for You this 2020

What the Year of the Rat Has in Store for You

As we ring in the Chinese New Year on January 25, we also welcome a new zodiac animal for 2020: the Metal Rat.

For those familiar with the Chinese zodiac legend, the Rat was the first of 12 animals that presented itself before the powerful Jade Emperor to serve as palace guard. However, the Rat wasn’t the first animal to start the trek that day. As the story goes, the Rat hitched a ride on the back of the Ox. Right before the Ox could present itself before the Emperor, the Rat slyly jumped off its back and beat it to the front of the pack. The Rat’s cunningness and speed granted the clever rodent the first spot in the Chinese calendar.

To many experts, the Year of the Rat is an auspicious year in various aspects of life, but it can also be tricky—as tricky as the first Rat’s technique to winning the zodiac race!


For the most part, the Year of the Metal Rat means you will prosper in one or most of the following things: your career, your love life, your social life, your family life, your journey towards your personal goals, and your personal investments. Many astrologists and Feng Shui observers believe this is the year to start something new or commit to a long-term investment, since the Rat promises fortune and multiple returns.

However, never forget that the Rat is a cunning character! Unless you plan your next move carefully, the Metal Rat will not bless you with the results you may be seeking. The only way to win in the Year of the Rat is to emulate it. You have to be fast, you have to plan really well, and you have to think ahead.


Although the year of the Metal Rat is often considered prosperous, some zodiac signs may be more fortunate than others. Here’s what the year has in store for your zodiac sign:


It’s your year! This year is going to be full of fun, fortune, and new experiences for the Rat, but that doesn’t mean you should leave all your cares to the wind. The first Rat was a smart, quick, and cunning creature that employed all the tricks it knew to stay ahead of the pack. If you want to make 2020 truly work for you, it is important that you grab good opportunities as you see them, and work with people better so as to lighten the weight on your own shoulders. As they say, “work smarter, not harder”.


The Ox and the Rat are two compatible creatures, which means the Metal Rat will be working in your favor this year. You may encounter some changes in your relationships, but if you stay strong and strive to communicate with your partner better (something which most Ox signs consider challenging), your love life and friendships will flourish.

To get the most out of this year, make sure to stay healthy, to eat better and to exercise some more, or to follow your doctor’s advice carefully. The Ox’s greatest trait, in the Rat’s eyes, is its natural strength. Without it, the Year of the Metal Rat may not be as fruitful to you.


Fortune will rain on you this year, but with conditions. For instance, you may find better career opportunities this year or perhaps discover new areas for personal growth, but the Metal Rat asks that you remain humble and focused. When it comes to your relationships, you may encounter some issues here and there, so the Rat asks you, once again, to keep a level head and to be a better communicator.


The Rat and the Rabbit are not exactly the best of friends. If the stars are to be consulted, Rat signs and Rabbit signs often land on the opposite ends of the spectrum, making them least compatible with each other. Still, this doesn't mean you should worry about the incoming year. As long as you stay your course and remain committed to your work, the Metal Rat will look at you favorably.

If there is one thing you need to be wary about, it would be your in relationships. If you are in an exclusive relationship, be careful of malicious parties who might try to come in and harm what you've built with your partner.


In the zodiac chart, you and the Rat are very compatible with each other, which means luck may be on your side this year. Challenges may arise at work so focus on building a better rapport with your colleagues. Promotions and new opportunities may be on the horizon for you, which might cause jealousy among some colleagues. Get everyone on your side is by creating more harmonious relationships in the workplace.


While not exactly incompatible with the Rat, this year may be a bit lukewarm for your lively spirit. While your finances will not suffer this year, you will have to exercise caution and spend less, as new streams of income may not exactly open up for you.

When it comes to your health, you will have to switch to a healthier lifestyle, since the year of the Rat will prove to be challenging on your health, depending on your age.


Sadly, the Rat and the Horse are believed to be sworn enemies according to the zodiac calendar, which can mean difficulties in various aspects of your life this year. Unless you plan well and strategize better, you may encounter issues in your professional career, health, education, finances, and personal relationships.

The Rat and the Horse are polar opposites so the spirit of the Rat may try to work against you, but if you work twice as hard, take care of your health even more, and spend more time with the ones you work with and the ones you love, you may not be affected so much by the Rat's wrath.


Like the Horse, the Goat is also on the path of the Rat's anger. When a Rat and a Goat stay in one room, they will deal with misunderstandings and feelings of uneasiness towards each other due to how much their Zodiac traits differ. That much should tell you how this year will go.

You may encounter issues in your personal and professional life, that might weigh heavily on your emotional and mental health. The only way to keep yourself strong throughout 2020 is to do your best at work, so as not to draw the ire of your coworkers, and to communicate better with those who matter to you. Diplomacy is going to be your best weapon this year, so know how to wield it.


Some aspects of your life will be blessed abundantly by the Metal Rat, but other aspects may suffer just as much. Your health, personal relationships, and social life for example will experience some improvements. Your career may stay at a standstill, so it is important that you do what you can to be noticed by your supervisors and HR as a promising worker.


Good things come to those who work hard, and that's exactly what's going to happen to the Rooster in the Year of the Metal Rat. Put your best foot forward this year. Show your colleagues, friends, and family a new side to you that they've never seen before and you might just win a promotion or attract new opportunities.

To the Rooster, the Year of the Metal Rat is the year of improvement and renewal. Ever heard of the saying “new year, new me”? That’s your motto this 2020.


The Metal Rat rewards the Dog with career growth, new opportunities, and enriched relationships this year, but staying the course can be a challenge. Allow the Rat to attract better things your way, but make sure to employ some tricks to keep the fortune you are set to receive. If you strategize well this year, the next few years will prove to be full of growth for you too.


This 2020, the Pig is reborn. The previous year proved to be a challenging time for the Pig, but the Year of the Rat is here to give you another shot at your career, relationships, and personal growth. Opportunities will be aplenty this year, but to keep the rewards of your labor, be like the Rat—quick and strategic. Your social circle may even grow this year, but, because the Rat is naturally cunning, make sure to be on high alert for people whose intentions may be malicious.