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What is Karmic Astrology?

What is Karmic Astrology?

Karma is all about cause and effect. 

In Sanskrit, karma literally means “action” and it’s the idea that every action we take has a consequence. Some consequences are good. Some consequences are bad. Some consequences won’t be revealed until the next life.

Karmic astrology examines how and why we think and act the way we do. Everything happens for a karmic reason, but until we know what that reason is, we’ll continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Karmic or past life astrology can identify soul-deep problems rooted in past lives. A karmic astrology reading is like self-care for the soul. It helps us understand the interconnectedness of everything in order to break harmful patterns and start the work needed to heal pain across lifetimes. 

Can I fix my karma?

Our thoughts and actions are constantly generating new karma. We inherit personal qualities from previous incarnations, which become innate, but there is always room to grow and change. Karmic lessons can be learned. Karmic debts can be paid. 

Karmic astrology focuses on evolving the soul throughout many lifetimes. It’s not fast or easy work but it begins with revealing karmic problems affecting our current incarnation.

How does a karmic astrology reading work?

Most professional astrologers, no matter their specialty, will ask for their client’s date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. The details are essential to any horoscope, especially a natal chart, which maps the precise location of the planets and constellations at the moment someone was born. A karma reader analyzes this astrological information to help clients better understand themselves, their actions, relationships, and destiny. 

What is karmic relationship astrology?

A karmic relationship is an intense connection between two souls. It may begin as a fiery romance but seldom works out. The purpose of a karmic relationship is to remove bad karma from one or both of the lovers. Once the karmic problem has been resolved, this relationship tends to turn sour. 

Unlike twin flames and soulmates, it’s important to understand that these relationships aren't meant to last. A karmic relationship reading can help us understand why someone has appeared in our lives and what direction the relationship will take.

Want to know if you are currently in a karmic relationship?

Can your karmic relationship last?

Are you ready to break a karmic cycle?

This is your time. Karmic astrology can reveal the mystery of your lifetimes and unlock your destiny. Learn from your past. By studying your karmic chart, you can learn about your fears, anxieties, problems, and how to deal with them. Professional karma readers and karmic astrologers are available and ready for you.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!