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What is astrology?

What is astrology?

What is astrology?

Astrology is a discipline that merges elements of two sciences. Practitioners calculate the position of the planets in relationship to the position of both the moon and the sun at the moment of a person's birth. Accuracy can be as precise to the minute. The influence of the relationship between the planets, the sun, and the moon and a person's character can range from very strong to invisible to the untrained eye. As an esoteric art, astrology's combination of math and science elevates it to being the most scientific of the mysterious arts. Corroborating evidence from independent research has demonstrated that horoscope has a proven relationship an individual's choices and behaviors. 

Why do astrologers need to know your time and place of birth?

Those two metrics are believed to have an influence the character and future. If a person is influenced by circumstances beyond the control, then a professional astrologer can give insight into the situation. Due to the uncertainty of life and the influence of astronomical events, astrology and horoscope readings have been woven into the fabric of cultures across the globe. Interpretation requires balancing the science and the art.

What is a character analysis?

To create a character analysis, the astrologer must consider celestial markers at the time of birth. A character analysis is specific, but not personal. All individuals born at the same moment, at the same place will share the same character analysis. Professional astrologers understand this and will not make empty promises on a character analysis alone.

What can I learn from astrology?

An astrologer will be able to give you insight into qualities, strengths and tendencies that you might not have been aware of yourself. Armed with this information, you can be prepared to react differently to challenging situations. An astrologer gives information -- it's up to the client to determine how to incorporate that information in your decisions. 

Understand that an astrologer won't tell you how to solve your problems, but will give you the tools to make better decisions. Astrologers have specialties, just like doctors. Be patient and find the astrologer you connect with on a spiritual level. Your astrologer can guide you through problems in career, finances, romance, family, and the distressing moments in life that cause sadness, uncertainty or anxiety.  To find a professional astrologer today, please visit www.Zodiacpsychics.com.