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Transformation or change, it's one word that has a huge impact on our lives. People often enter these phases when long-term, major, intense events have taken place in their lives. I sometimes say to myself, what are human beings doing to one another. When I think it over however, I really believe that all these things are part of the life lessons we receive and learn in our lives. It is extraordinary, at the moment, that so many people seem stuck with themselves and in life. These people often hide behind ego, are anxious, don't want to be hurt anymore and can't talk about their feelings and hide.

It is often difficult for bystanders to understand. They wonder what they’ve done wrong towards their partner. The other person's behavior confuses them and makes them insecure. In this process, bystanders also experience the attraction and repulsion of each other and they no longer know where they stand. The other party is often in a transformation process. Usually a long process, in which many lessons can be learned that are not always fun. In this transformation process, emotions arise, such as anger about things from the past, a fear of the unknown and sometimes loneliness. Allow yourself space during this process and don't be too hard on yourself.

What does transformation entail?

According to the spiritual dictionary, transformation literally means change. In a spiritual sense, transformation has a deeper meaning. Transformation here means a complete change of thought processes or even a shift of consciousness. This process is difficult, painful, often frightening and profound. It can take ages before someone gets through it. You may feel like you're going around in a circle and don't know how to exit. They are profound and sustainable change processes. They can influence and turn your life upside down, but luckily this will pass.

Transformation often starts with frustrations. Not feeling good about the situation that you are in. Dissatisfied. You feel that you no longer want to continue that way, but how you should continue and what you actually want is not yet clear to you. The way you think at that moment will not get you anywhere. You will not find the solutions around you, in things you already know, but within yourself. Following your own heart and intuition, looking at your inner child, what you want in life, where you are now, where you want to go and how you can achieve it. This will help you on your way. Making choices is important, will you continue the old way or take a different path? The insights you get are clues you can follow.

There is nothing permanent, accept change

In times of change it is important to keep your head cool, but your heart warm, so don't hide behind your ego. People tend to close themselves off during their process and distance themselves from other people around them, with the result that you can experience loneliness. The secret of change is that you focus all your energy on the new things that you want to achieve and build, not to fight all the old stuff with that energy. That old things may be given a place where they can rest. We all make choices in the end, but as you will experience afterwards, it is the choices that ultimately make us. A thousand possibilities are hidden in every change. When you solely focus on results, you will not change. When you focus on change, you will see and achieve results.

Life is constantly changing. Hasty or drastic changes as an emotional response to your sadness or fear are only a physical displacement of your old way of life, thoughts and habits, based on old patterns and beliefs. If you really want and you are really ready to transform your pain and fear from within, your circumstances can also transform themselves. You will then see this as a reflection of the new part of your life path that you are about to walk. By really feeling your desires, you attract what you would like most. Do it with love for yourself and have faith in yourself and the outcome.