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3 easy ways to break the ice

3 easy ways to break the ice

Who doesn’t want to make a good first impression? Whether you’re hoping to make friends, starting a new job, or looking for a date, approaching people you don’t know can be a daunting task for many of us. It puts you in a vulnerable position, opening you up for judgement and, possibly, rejection. That’s pretty scary stuff! Yet, if you never take a chance and chat up a stranger, you might miss out on meeting someone awesome. 

If you’re not sure how to get the conversation started, try these three methods for breaking the ice and making a positive first impression: 

Ask a question. If you’re approaching a stranger, start with something simple. Ask for directions, for an opinion, or even just, “How are you doing today?” Once you’re talking, ask a question that lets the other person talk about themselves — it’s a subject most people enjoy talking about and it shows interest. Just make sure that if you’re asking questions, you’re paying attention to the answers.

Say something about your surroundings. Start on common ground. Make a joke about the long line you’re both waiting in, comment on the event you’re both attending, or even talk about the weather. It sounds simple, but shared experiences make for easy ice breakers and it’s pretty risk-free. You make a statement about the weather and if the other person responds, that’s great. If they don’t, no big deal. 

Give a compliment. Who doesn’t like to hear something nice about themselves? Complimenting someone’s style — like their outfit, accessories, or shoes — is a great start, especially if you don’t know them. However, compliments should be given out with care. An overly personal compliment — like something about their body — may be considered inappropriate. In the workplace, for instance, focus on the skills and abilities of others instead of their looks. But is it ever wrong to tell someone they’ve got great shoes?

If there’s someone in particular you want to break the ice with but just don’t know how, a spiritual advisor can help you figure out your approach. You don’t have to go into the encounter blindly. Instead, contact a Zodiac Psychic to gain the insight you need to ensure your first impression is the right one.