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The 3 Best and Worst Romantic Zodiac Matches

The 3 Best & Worst Romantic Zodiac Matches

Romance is never easy, but what if you could narrow down your options to only the most compatible signs out there?

The zodiac can give us a hint about whether our relationships will be fruitful or compatible ahead of time. Zodiac compatibility isn’t everything—communication, empathy, and the willingness to put in the work will always go a long way toward a happy and fulfilling relationship. 

However, time and time again, we see that certain signs may be destined for romantic bliss, while other combinations run aground on incompatibility and misunderstandings. Here are the three best (and three worst) romantic zodiac matches you might want to keep an eye on.


1. Taurus and Cancer – True Romance

A Taurus and a Cancer may be the most compatible pair of signs in the zodiac when it comes to romance and true love. They’re the Turk and Carla, the Luke and Laura, the Steve and Peggy of the stars.

It isn’t hard to see why—they perfectly counteract each other’s flaws. Where the Taurus is strong and stalwart, the Cancer is gentle and kind. Where the Cancer is overly emotional at times, the Taurus tends to put up emotional walls for their own protection. These two signs, especially over time, nurture and strengthen each other as the relationship develops.

They also smooth out the other’s rough edges. As a Water sign, the Cancer’s flowing nature shapes the Taurus, while the Taurus’s steady Earth affinity contains and protects the Cancer.

At the same time, both signs have similar feelings on many of life’s most important topics. Both seek out stability at home, both try to avoid chaos and drama, and neither like to feel insecure in any way. Both Cancers and Tauruses are reliable, loyal, and extremely supportive of their friends and loved ones.

Worst relationship between a Taurus and a Cancer: Work relationships between a Taurus and a Cancer aren’t always as smooth and strong as romance. The Taurus’ practicality may rub up against the Cancer’s more creative personality, and the emotional Cancer may chafe in the presence of the Taurus’ unemotional “professional” persona.

2. Libra and Aquarius – Air to Breathe

Aquariuses tend to be “rebels without a cause,” swimming upstream no matter what. Libras, on the other hand, crave respect and attention—they want everyone to like them. It may seem odd for these two to mesh so well, but you’d be surprised.

Signs that share the same element often have excellent compatibility. In the case of Libras and Aquariuses, their shared Air sign traits build on each other for a more harmonious union.

Both signs are emotional, which leads to understanding and connection. No one is throwing up emotional walls or trying to avoid talking about unpleasant subjects—at least not with each other. Their Air affinity makes a Libra and an Aquarius excellent lovers as well because Air signs tend toward an openness and willingness to try new things.

The Libra’s need to please everyone and the Aquarius’ “I am who I am” rock-solid confidence play off each other well. The Aquarius teaches the Libra self-confidence, while the Libra teaches the Aquarius the importance of diplomacy.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono were a Libra and an Aquarius, respectively.

What to watch out for: Communication can sometimes falter between Libra and Aquarius. Whenever the Aquarius does something impulsive, or the Libra refuses to act without knowing what everyone would think of them, there’s a tendency in this kind of relationship to get frustrated. The Libra and Aquarius will have to communicate their needs and their fears often—the Libra is going to need to give the Aquarius room to roam. The Aquarius will have to forgive the Libra for their hammier instincts.

3. Any Sign and Itself – The Mirror Match

That’s right! Don’t think of it as narcissism, but self-love.

You’ve seen in the other person what you like about yourself, and vice versa.

Two Aries seeking sex, romance, or love will find that their passion, zeal, and intelligence melds well with their partner’s own trailblazing spirit. A pair of Aries may not find a lot of joy catching up on Netflix, but their competitive streaks will drive them to go head-to-head in sports and games, leaving both challenged and satisfied.

A pair of Cancers, on the other hand, may be the stay-at-home types. Their emotional sensitivity and empathy will ensure that they understand one another, communicate effectively, and leave room for the other partner to take precious alone time to recuperate.

A romance between two Capricorns might seem difficult at first glance—two stubborn, bullish types who work too hard. However, both Capricorns will bring that devotion and energy to the relationship. A romantic match between two Capricorns means a highly stable household, a strong sense of duty to the family, and financial security.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are both Aquariuses.

What to watch out for: Just as two like signs can bolster each other’s strengths, the weaknesses are multiplied by two as well. A pair of Scorpios might find themselves arguing often, for instance. Two Aries may resent spending so much time together when they want to strike out on their own, while two Cancers could descend into melancholy or co-dependence. As with all things, know thyself—which is easy to do when you’re staring at a partner across the dinner table who has the same traits that you do.


1. Virgo and Gemini – The Communication Breakdown

The combination of a Virgo’s high pragmatism and a Gemini’s tendency to flit from moment to moment with very minimal forethought can put a strain on any relationship. Virgo is an Earth sign while Gemini can be the flightiest of the Air signs, and that conflict will constantly chafe in love and romance.

A Virgo’s tendency to keep their thoughts on the inside drives Geminis crazy, while a Gemini’s constant communication exhausts more insular Virgos. While short-term love affairs might find success, these two signs will never see eye-to-eye, mostly because they can’t express themselves in a way the other understands.

This creates a cycle of anxiety and irritation as both worry that the other isn’t listening. Unfortunately, it’s less a problem of listening and more an issue of two foreign languages without an interpreter.

Best relationship between a Virgo and a Gemini: A business relationship works well for Virgos and Geminis—when emotions take a back seat, the Gemini’s creative spark mixed with the Virgo’s even keel makes for a lucrative working partnership.

2. Scorpio and Leo – The Tempest

Gasoline and sparks make fire—which is a good thing until it burns your house down. Those who’ve survived a relationship pairing a Leo and a Scorpio can attest to that.

Leos and Scorpios both struggle with self-awareness, a desire to control their mate, and high intensity. This can create a cauldron of repression, anxiety, and a constant one-upmanship that can detonate a romantic relationship before it even gets off the ground.

This pairing argues fiercely and often, and might make for a better summer fling than a long-term affair or marriage.

Best relationship between a Scorpio and a Leo: Scorpio and Leo make better friends than lovers. They’re both quick to trust and love sharing beautiful things.

Friendship allows Scorpios and Leos to share their creative vision and intensity, but also to take much-needed breaks from each other. The power struggle is also less prevalent in friends than with mates, and the sometimes repressive nature of both parties doesn’t do as much damage to a friendship as to a romantic relationship.

3. Sagittarius and Pisces – The Masters of Delusion

A Sagittarius and a Pisces may be one of the worst romantic zodiac matches there is. Some have made this strange pairing work, but usually only after a lot of effort from both parties. They have to overcome a flaw that both signs suffer from: a tendency to deflect and self-deceive.

At first, this pairing may seem like it’s working. Sagittariuses and Pisces both have a great depth of feeling and empathy, and a strong understanding of emotion. However, the natural tendency of Sagittariuses to feel stifled can leave the security-minded Pisces in a state of anxiety that the Sagittarius may bolt at any given time.

And because of a tendency to create self-comforting illusions, both partners may not even realize they feel stifled and afraid until it’s too late. Infidelity and ghosting are real dangers for the Sagittarius-Pisces couple.

Best relationship between a Sagittarius and a Pisces: Siblings and parent-child relationships between these two signs are more fruitful than romantic relationships.

Find Your Romantic Zodiac Match

While the stars can guide us, don’t be discouraged if you and your partner aren’t a traditional Zodiac match. Awareness is essential—know your flaws and work to master them, and help your partner do the same. It isn’t about eliminating the imperfections, but instead, understanding and making room for them without frustration or recrimination.

If you’re not one of the romantic zodiac matches on this list, you can find out more about zodiac pairings and even ask psychics and horoscope readers for advice on a potential love connection.

You might also want to check out the Zodiac Touch app to connect with a real psychic at any time for guidance in romance or life in general.