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Remote Healing

Remote Healing


Remote Healing


How does it work and how do you prepare?

Before you receive a remote healing, it is important that you first take a moment of time for yourself. 

Feel free to put on some nice and quiet meditative music. You can also burn incense or light a candle. Do what feels right for you. Relax. 

It is best to receive the healing sitting on a chair with your hands on your lap and your palms open, facing upwards. Take a chair that is comfortable and where you sit in a straight posture. Then try to be as relaxed and receptive as possible, so open up, have no expectations and just let it happen, you don't have to do anything, just relax and go with the flow.

The more you open up, without any expectations, the better the energy can do it’s job. Sometimes you may experience a slight shiver or a cold sensation, this is all normal. You may also suddenly feel hot and sense a warm blanket around you.

Go with the flow, let things happen and experience what the healing offers you. Some people see images or even have a spiritual experience. The healing energy wants to work through your cells, atoms and electrons, thereby activating your self-healing ability immediately. Grief is released and what is subject to healing is touched. When you feel an emotion coming up, allow this and don't push anything away. You are cleansing. Sometimes feelings of resistance can also arise, because your soul has to get used to this sensation. Physical complaints immediately become less, blockages may be resolved and pain complaints decreased.

People who do not feel or experience anything at all when receiving a healing are not yet fully open. Their soul finds it a little frightening to allow this healing. You get used to this more and more as you receive remote healings. The energy is individually tuned to the receiver. So everyone receives exactly what they need at that moment in their life.

Also know that with every remote healing your guardian angels and guides are present. They do everything they can to ensure that you feel safe, so that you may receive the healing energy better. You can experience the fine effect of the healings more easily in your daily life. After receiving a remote healing, drink at least one large glass of water, as a lot of waste is also released. This will prevent you from getting a headache later on. 

Try a remote healing with me and experience what this can do for you! It is a blessing for body, mind and soul.