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Preparing Yourself for The Great Solar Eclipse

Preparing Yourself for The Great Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse will be visible from the US mainland next week, on August 21 to be exact. This is the first time happening in 38 years. It’s a pretty big deal! For those of us trying to discover it’s personal and spiritual significance, we would need to backtrack a few weeks or even several months.

Connecting with an Advisor to assist with the process of harnessing spiritual meaning during this time, and reflecting on the past will be one of the most valuable things you can do. It’s a rare opportunity given that this is the first total solar eclipse in 38 years!

A new total solar eclipse indicates the dawn of a new spiritual cycle. The most recent solar eclipse occurred in March 2016. Something that transpired during this time will reach its end or culmination. Do you recall what transpired back then? Do you see a connection or notice a re-occurrence? This month’s solar eclipse assures you that whatever that was is now reaching its end.

If Spring of last year was a rather uneventful time for you, or if you don’t want to bother backtracking that far, try to recall the events that transpired on August 7 of this year when a partial solar eclipse and full moon graced us with their presence. As a consequence of the eclipse cycle, it’s possible that any personal changes could have occurred during this shorter period of time.

Maybe it's a rough patch in one of your relationships, or a transitional period for your career - whatever it was, it’s reaching a turning point this month, for better or worse. Each eclipse marks the end of something and the beginning of something else, and you need to examine very closely to notice that shift.

Eclipses can mess with your understanding of light and darkness in both the literal and figurative sense and it's recommended to refrain from carrying out rituals and setting intentions that might just lose their entire meaning.

The day of the eclipse might leave you disoriented and overwhelmed, but if you take a step back and experience it for what it is, it might give way to a major revelation that will perhaps kick off in the next 18-month cycle. This is why connecting with an advisor during this time is so valuable. Our Advisors can assist you to process what is happening during this time and prepare you for this major spiritual event.

Eclipses in general, bring forth an internal transformation that fundamentally results to an external transformation. There could be a change of heart or mind in the works, a long standing issue might finally be resolved, or you might finally muster up the courage to make a decision you've been putting off for a long time.

No matter how far you are from its path, the effects of the eclipse will be intensely felt by everyone just the same, because it all starts from within. So now is the time to connect with a spiritual advisor to get the advice that you are looking for. Our Advisors are on standby for you and here to ensure that this major event is an opportunity for you!