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Predictions for the Year of the Pig

Predictions for the Year of the Pig

A new year means a new symbol of what lies ahead, according to Chinese astrology. We’re lucky in 2019 as the Year of the Pig suggests fortune and prosperity, though some of us might have to work harder for it. As we prepare to ring in the Chinese New Year on February 5, let’s look at the ups and downs that may befall our friendships, careers, and domestic lives under the influence of the Pig.

The Pig, according to the Chinese horoscope, is a very auspicious sign. Despite being depicted as happy-go-lucky, and sometimes lazy, Pigs are capable of succeeding in their chosen careers or endeavors when they decide to dedicate their time and effort to it. In ancient Chinese myths, Pigs are described as unusually lucky characters who never had to work quite as hard as everyone else. They can be out grazing all day or swimming in the mud having fun and yet, remain prosperous and comfortable.

Lady Luck seems to be constantly beside the Pig. According to the Legend of the Chinese Zodiac, the Pigs of ancient China did not intend to compete with the other animals in the kingdom who wanted to earn a spot in the Jade Emperor’s first astrological calendar. Still, they managed to sneak their way into the finish line at the last minute and garner 12th place in the Emperor’s legendary race.Even physically, Pigs display features that make them a positive symbolin Chinese lore. It is believed that their round faces and large ears are signs of good fortune and contentment.

Because the Pig is generally a lucky sign, it is believed that 2019 will be a fortunate year for everyone, including those born under signs said to beincompatible with the Pig. Animals who jive well with the Pig will undoubtedly be luckier than other signs, but this does not guarantee a problem-free year. Regardless of your sign, you may encounter some ups and downs in your life, but if you display the same kind of resilience Pigs have, you will be fine.

In Western astrology, the signs of the zodiac are based on the month and date of your birth. In Chinese astrology, the zodiac is based on the lunar calendar. If you want to know your Chinese sign, simply look at your birth year. According to the Chinese zodiac,people born in any of the following years are assigned the symbol of the fortunate Pig: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, and 2019.

What to expect in the Year of the Earth Pig

Although Pigs are known to be lucky characters, those born under the sign of the Pig may face more challenges than usual in the Year of the Pig. Traditionally, the year of one's zodiac sign tends to be their unluckiest. Since the Pig is a naturally lucky zodiac animal, these difficulties likely won’t apply to every aspect of life.

The Pig's fortune with regards to work, school, health, and relationships will be lukewarm this year and dodging bad luck will require focus. This is the best year for a Pig to finally learn contentment. The Pig is expected to deal with some losses this year but may avoid career and social misfortunes by working hard and widening their circle of friends.

The real winners of the Year of the Pig are friends of the Pig. Signs compatible with the Pig will be reaping the fruit of all the good seeds they planted in the previous year. The Tiger, in particular, will enjoy better luck in career, finances, and relationships this year than in the past. The Year of the Dog was a trying and humbling time for the Tiger, but with that finally out of the way, the feisty feline can now enjoy better conditions at work, increased finances, and stronger relationships.

Like the Tiger, the Goat is gearing up for a ton of luck this year. The New Year will be more exciting for the Goat who spent most of 2018 dodging all the drama that the Year of the Dog brought forth. The Goat will enjoy increased creativity this year, more professional opportunities to pick from, and better outcomes from his educational endeavors. Better energy, heightened stamina, and increased positive moods will also be this year's gifts to the Goat.

The Year of the Pig will also be a beneficial year to the Rabbit, but it will take a lot of hard work. The Rabbit's biggest concern this year will be health, so Rabbits are highly encouraged to embrace a healthier lifestyle this year if they want to see all their plans through.

This year’s greatest losers

As expected, this year will not bode well for Snakes and Monkeys. Two of the slyest creatures in the astrological horoscope will be clashing with everything that benefits the Pig. For starters, the Snake will be encountering issues in career, relationships, and personal life. So many opposing energies will be harming the Snake's fortunes this year, so Snakes are highly encouraged to be more careful with all the financial and health decisions they make.

Monkeys, on the other hand, will have to find a way to be more grounded this year. It is the Year of the Earth Pig, after all. The previous year was a trying time for the Monkeys. While 2019 will not exactly be a difficult year, things can get tricky for the Monkey if theyremains reckless.

For a more fortunate year, animal signs who are not in good terms with the Pig are highly encouraged to counter negative vibes with lucky minerals like agate, and earthy colors like yellow, gray, and brown.

Humility & balance

If there’s one thing all other animal signs should remember to reap a better year ahead, it is to be more moderate this year. The Rat, Ox, Dragon, Rooster, and Dog won't exactly have an unlucky year, but they won’t have a very easy year either. If they succeed at love, these animal zodiacs may have to brace themselves for challenges that may befall their careers. Humility and balance are pretty much what all 12 animal signs need to succeed through 2019’s twists and turns.