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Perseid’s Meteor Shower: The best time to receive insights

Perseid’s Meteor Shower: The best time to receive insights

The Perseids Meteor Shower is a time for sudden bursts of insight and awakenings.  It will enlighten you literally and figuratively.  If you have a chance to go outside, especially in an area far from bright city lights, it’s your chance to make a wish on one or many of the shooting stars.

The Perseids Meteor Shower is right around the corner, and it might just change your life.  This annual meteor shower has been observed by humans for about 2000 years.  It is named after the constellation Perseus, from where they appear to radiate out of.  Perseus was “the first hero”in Greek Mythology, the son of Zeus, famous for beheading the snake-headed gorgon, Medusa, whose gaze turned people into stone.  It’s the most popular meteor shower of the year, where one can witness 60-100 meteors beam through the sky every hour, but can reach a rate of 150-200 meteors per hour in outburst years, such as last 2016. 

In Numerology, according to Sarah Yip, PERSEIDS adds to 7+5+9+1+5+9+4+1= 41/5

41 is the vibration of Yin Yang, which represents cosmic integration. 5 on the other hand represents the 5th or Fifth Chakra, which connects our heads to our hearts. A healthy fifth chakra allows us to have perspective on things while still honoring our intuition.  Basically, this implies that the Perseids will awaken our inner voice and encourage us to get out of your comfort zone

Psychics agree that anything that goes on in the cosmos resonates on earth so a celestial event such as this can affect you in unseen and magical ways, letting unexpected events in your life unfold.  If your life has been entangled in confusion and chaos, the light that the Perseids brings will illuminate your dark path and point you to a new direction when you need it most.  This cosmic event might be just the catalyst you need to change your life and inspire you to make important decisions and act constructively to achieve your goals.  It is said that positive changes occur after a meteor shower, and it’s a time that you can be motivated to find solutions to your baffling problems.  If you have been wanting to change careers, unsure of committing to a new relationship, or uncertain of moving to a new city, you suddenly get a clear vision of what you need to do.

The meteor shower will not only illuminate the sky, but the microscopic particles of meteor debris will also be impacting the earth.  Meteor showers and dust heighten emotional sensitivities in humans and animals alike - like how the cold gives goosebumps.  Which means that it’s the best time to get a psychic reading, as Psychic sensitivities and intuitions are at an optimum level and they can provide you with a more accurate reading. 

The earth will pass through the densest and dustiest path of Comet Swift-Tuttle overnight on August 12 and 13, where people can see the most meteors and where it’s a perfect time to get a reading from one of our advisors!  Sign up with us Today - The First Three Minutes are FREE!