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Open the door to positive energy with the right elements

Open the door to positive energy with the right elements

No matter the size of your home, it is important that your space exudes lightness and positivity. If this is not true in your situation, there are always elements you can add to your home to welcome in upbeat energies.

When your home is balanced, you tend to be more creative, calmer and spiritually healthier. This kind of peace and tranquility is important in any home, whether you own your own property, live with your family, rent a room or a house, or live with roommates.

When there is a lack of positive or healthy energy flowing into your home, you may experience disruptions in relationships with people you live with and with your neighbors. Beyond that, you may even experience issues at work and in other affairs.

Adding or taking away certain things from your home can fill it with energies that can boost your creativity, add to your sense of fulfillment, make you feel less stressed, and help you navigate your emotions better. While these may all seem abstract in nature, managing the energy in your home may translate to tangible results such as better performance at work, the ability to learn a new skill faster, and improved growth.

Where to begin

Step #1: clean up. For positive energy to flow through easily, you’ll need to remove anything that may hinder its flow. This, of course, calls for a lot of decluttering and cleaning. Once you have taken away what may potentially block the flow of positive energy, it's time to add little elements here and there that may attract positive energy and funnel positive vibrations. 

Strategically place crystals around your home

Crystals are often the best solutions to changing the atmosphere in a home. What makes them even better is that they can be worn or carried in your pocket. Keep one on yourself and another in the home. 

Try amethyst if you seek safety and a feeling of protection. Rose quartz can help foster harmony with your housemates or boost romance if left in the bedroom. If you seek better romance with a partner, place rose quartz in your bedroom. Jade can promote good health and improved fortune, like promotions at work, bonuses, or increased business. Use tiger’s eye to boost stability and protection for negative energy.

Add lightness with Himalayan salt lamps

Aside from replacing dim lights will brighter ones or installing a sunroof where possible, welcome lightness into your home is by strategically placing Himalayan salt lamps in places or corners you use most often. These are not only pleasant to look at but can make you feel more creative and motivated.

Harness the power of white sage

White sage is a special herb that promotes a sense of calm and is said to be offer powerful protection. Best used as an incense, fill your home with the aroma of dried white sage when you need to de-stress or reset the mood. When the smoke from the white sage encounters negative energy, it dispels the bad flow almost immediately.

Let positivity flow with essential oils

Tried and true, one can never go wrong with using calming essential oils in your scent diffuser. Choose wood scents like patchouli, jasmine, and clary sage if you want to eliminate negative energy. Follow this up with lavender to introduce harmony and lemon and orange to reduce stress.

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