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Meet the Advisor | Seer Psychic Daniel

Meet the Advisor | Seer Psychic Daniel

Seer Psychic Daniel’s life path led him through the dark and into the light of his psychic gifts. As a clairvoyant tarot reader, Daniel loves to share his abilities with others, as well as his story. We asked him to share his journey with us.

When did you first discover your psychic abilities?

It all started when I was a teenager, about 14-15 years old. At that time I lived with my family in a part of the town where I was born. 

I knew that in this area, in past centuries, it was customary to condemn people to hang for their crimes. In fact, during many excavations to build new houses, rope and human bones of possible convicts in those distant times were found. 

Inside the apartment where I lived, I felt a presence around me almost every day, and above all at night. I felt someone watching me and saw dark figures standing n the corners of my room. I was too young to tell my parents about this but I was hoping it would all end. 

Unfortunately, these phenomena of presence manifested themselves more at night, when I was alone in bed. I would suddenly wake up and feel someone starting to scratch my back or scratching at the end of the bed. My fear was strong and I didn't know what to do, So I decided to stay curled up under the covers to avoid it.

But these entities threw me out of bed. Sitting on the floor in the dark, I looked up into the void of the room and saw the prisons where these entities had been before being executed by hanging. All this repeated for some time even though I saw different people, mostly men, a few women, and all restless spirits who needed help to escape from places where they were imprisoned for centuries and centuries.

A ghostly figure draped in a white sheet sits on a bed

How did you realize that you are clairvoyant?

When I was 18, I began to perceive present and future events. The first perceptions happened in dreams. Every dream I had happened in reality, weeks or months later. 

As I got older, these perceptions manifested as flashes in my mind when awake. When I was walking on the street or when I was at school, I was always trying to warn people to be careful not to do certain things or not to go to certain places. Obviously, they didn't believe me but then the things I had said and expected would happen and they would come back to apologize and tell me I was right.

These perceptions then developed more when I started to work as a clairvoyant offering in-person and phone readings. I increased my skills during these psychic readings and would often hear clients confirm what I told them. 

Son and dad are walking along the road strewn with autumn leaves. On the roadsite are leaves and grass are wet after rain.

Where did you get your psychic abilities from?

My father didn’t work as a psychic but he has excellent skills. 

We always had a strong bond. His energy had always captured me. He made me understand his skills as a psychic and medium. I came to discover his gifts, little by little, and I felt freer to talk to him about the experiences that I had had at home with entities who came to disturb me at night. 

He explained to me that, although still young, I had the ability to communicate with the spirit world. He said there were good or bad spirits and also annoying, but not dangerous, spirits. 

I remember that it was he who taught me how to read Italian playing cards, forty playing cards, a system of tarot reading with which I can give answers to yes or no questions. It all depends on whether a seven card ends up on the reader's left or right.

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My dad also taught me a way to get in touch with spirits using a coffee saucer and a table with letters and numbers on it. 

During the session, there could be a maximum of five people around the table. The saucer moved quickly and the entities that communicated with us shared things that had happened recently and also in the past. We found out things from people who died during World War II that we were able to verify as accurate.

In the future, always with my father, I had the fortune and the honor of meeting a real medium, who helped me to focus on the right way to communicate with the entities of dead people. My father may have made mistakes in his life with me or in general but I must say that in a certain way he helped me to understand my gift as a seer and medium.

Ancient cemeterz with graves and crosses. The wetaher is foggy, the sun is almost invisible.

Where else do your psychic abilities come from?

After the body dies, many souls seek and struggle to come back to life. 

Many of these entities can come back to life by being born again and growing into a new body. Other entities prefer to symbiotically enter bodies already grown in adolescence, finding a free space to live on within us. 

This aspect of symbiont connection can over time give the host particular gifts of clairvoyance or foresight. Earlier I mentioned a medium my father introduced me to. Together we discovered my symbiote spirit: a young man who died in his teens, in a car accident. I believe he may have been German and his name was Alden. 

In fact, sometimes I had memories that did not belong to me and I did not understand why I did things that I had never done. 

This was hard for a while, but then I moved on with my life. I lived aware that I was nothing alone but with a guiding spirit. 

I have never been afraid of this connection. It has always been a help to me, especially in my psychic or clairvoyance readings. I believe that this symbiosis between me and the entity has greatly increased my psychic abilities.

On the table are tarot cards, figurines of angels and closed packages with tarot cards.

Tell us more about your work as a psychic 

In addition to my psychic abilities, I’m also a tarot reader. 

I’m proud of the work I do because I’ve always helped people understand and develop their complicated relationships about love (compatibility, soulmates, and twin flames) and money (careers, business, and finance). I specialize in examining couple relationship situations.

In fact, it is not easy to relate to your partner without the help of tarot cards. With tarot, you can understand hidden secrets, you can know if he or she loves you, and you can understand if a love relationship will go on or will be destined to end. 

In my career as a psychic and fortune-teller from the 90’ss to today, I have always helped people to find their sentimental will and achieve their goals, or get out of one situation of depression and re-embrace their happiness and psychic-physical serenity.

I don't want to be just a psychic or a seer and a fortune teller for those who do clairvoyance consultations with me, but I want and am also an advisor and a sincere friend.

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