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Dream Analysis: How to interpret your dreams

Dream Analysis: How to interpret your dreams

Understanding Your Dreams

Think back to the last time you woke up confused or disoriented. Did you dream about an old lover? Was your dream filled with distorted shapes, life sized inanimate objects adopting human qualities, and being able to smell sounds, or taste a color? You can relax, this is a common occurrence. Since our ancestors began documenting the human experience, mankind has searched to discover the hidden meanings, emotions, and symbols that prevail in the surreal, sometimes bizarre, state of dreams. Ancient societies subscribed to the notion that during dreams, humanity was able to receive coded messages from the Divine which required consulting a priest or spiritual mystic to decipher.

Professional dream analysis

The demand for professional dream analysis has been steadily increasing. The accuracy of dream analysis makes it one of the most popular and in-demand services. The reason is clear -- interpreting the symbolic meaning of dreams can lead a person to discover their subliminal desires and natural talents. After a dream analysis, the person can steer themselves on a course towards a rewarding future.

Benefits of Dream Analysis

Dreams are uniquely prophetic. They give a person an insight into future relationships, life stages and changes, the true course to experiencing happiness, and can aid in defining a life's purpose. People who trusted in their dreams are responsible for many discoveries that have changed the course of history. A few discoveries that resulted from dreams include the invention of the sewing machine and Dr. Loewi's Nobel Prize for chemical nerve transmission. Dreams have contributed to the creative landscape of history, as they are responsible for classic literature, including Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," and the iconic Beatles' song "Yesterday."

Interpretation of Universal Dream Symbols

Universal themes are common in dreams. For example, emotions can manifest as actions in a dream. Being chased can represent chaos, insecurities, or loss of control. Conversely, dreams that have you soaring with wings in the sky indicate a feeling of liberation and control. These universal themes prevalent in dreams have a unique meaning to each individual.

Personal Dream Analysis

Discovering the genuine interpretation requires more skill than opening a dream dictionary. Dreams are like spiritual fingerprints. Like DNA, the language of your dream is unique to you. Dream analysis includes accurately understanding the symbols and metaphors in relation to the dreamer.   An accurate dream analysis and intuitive dream work will decipher a complex dream into its possible meanings, then discover its true meaning to help you with:

  • Achieving balance with mind and body
  • Reoccurring nightmares
  • Conquering fears
  • Vivid, realistic dreams, and lucid dreams
  • Relationships with past loves, past lives, and deceased loved ones
  • Finding love and professional success

Dream Journaling

Write down the details of your dream as soon as you wake up. A tape recorder or journal by your bed will help you to document every detail. No matter how insignificant the detail might seem, be sure to write down every subtle detail. Enjoy unlocking the puzzle in your dreams!