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How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Life is full of strange and inexplicable occurrences. You think about an old friend and run into them at the supermarket the very next day. You get a gut feeling that diverts you from your usual route home, where you would have been in the path of a dangerous accident. You keep seeing the same symbol or pattern everywhere you go. Are these just coincidences or is there a greater force at work?

There are many who believe that we all have spirit guides in our corner with the power to protectand teach us. Spirit guides may be angels, ancestral spirits, incorporeal beings, or something else. What a spirit guide is exactly varies greatly among different cultures and belief systems but everyone seems to agree that they exist to keep us safe, help us make decisions, and guide us in the right direction.

Spirit guides may intervene by giving us those sudden gut feelings or flashes of inner wisdom and insight. They may send particular people into our lives at precise moments or communicate through animal messengers. Guides may nudge you in a certain direction or set up an opportunity for you.

Some spirit guides are with us for our whole lives while others just come and go when we need them. No matter who your guides are, why there are here and how they may help you, it’s a common belief that they can only truly guide us if we let them. Here are some things you can do to help open the lines of communication with your spirit guides:

1. Talk to them

The first step is opening yourself up to the support and protection your spirit guides can offer is to ask for their help. Think about the guidance you need. Maybe you’re dealing with a broken heart or debating a career move. Maybe you’re simply unsure about your path ahead or can’t quite see it. Talk to your spirit guides, tell them what’s on your mind and ask for their assistance. It is often believed that the more we ask our spirit guides to help us, the more guidance we will receive.

2. Meditate

Now that you’ve asked for help, it’s time to listen for an answer. Meditation can help you quiet your mind and hear the messages your spirit guides want to send you. Create a sacred space in your home where you can sit uninterrupted and simply practice your breathing and absorb the sensations around you. You can also meditate on the image of a calm spot, like a cozy room or tranquil garden, where you can call on your guide to join you there.

3. Journal

Like meditation, journaling can help you focus and listen. Write down any signs, symbols or patterns you’re noticing in the world around you. Record flashes of intuition, hunches, and gut feelings. You may also try automatic writing. Jot down some questions for your spirit guides. Then, with your pen in hand, reflect on those questions and record whatever words and phrases come to mind. Try to ignore the unhelpful self-talk you might experience and listen to what your guides have to say.

4. Dream

Sometimes we must go beyond the conscious mind to communicate with our spirit guides. Invite your spirit guide to visit you in your dreams. Before you go to sleep, focus on a question you have for your guides or an area of your life that has been troubling you. Have a notepad or journal ready to record what you remember from your dreams the moment you wake. Look to these notes for messages from your spirit guide. 

5. Ask a psychic

Communicating with your spirit guides isn’t easy. For many of us, it may be something we cannot accomplish on our own. Or perhaps we aren’t sure how to interpret the messages around us. Either way, a professional psychic can often be a bridge to your spirit guides. Many psychics communicate with your spirit guides or their own in order to bring you messages and predictions. Find a psychic who specializes in spirit guides or channeling and prepare to discover the guidance and wisdom that awaits.