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What's Your Day of the Week Birth Meaning?

Happy Birth Day - How the Day You Were Born Influences You Every Day

Zodiac signs, and the planets that rule them, often get the bulk of attention when it comes to understanding behavior and personality. But, did you know there is another planet that strongly influences your life?  Just as each zodiac sign has a ruling planet, so does each day of the week. The ancients understood the importance of these daily planetary shifts and named the days of the week after the most important celestial bodies for each day. Knowing the day of the week on which you where born, and understanding the planetary role for that day, can give you added insight into your personality, behavior and decision making.

Read on to discover when planet rules the day on which you were born and how that planet continues to influence your life. Be sure to download our app, Zodiac Live for up-to-the-minute assistance in everything from love to financial concerns. It’s a powerful tool for professional on-the-go guidance so you can make the most of every day.

Sunday – The Sun’s Day

People born on this day have the Sun as an additional influence in their lives. Sunday’s child spends their life in search of the extraordinary and will not be satisfied with anything ordinary. These lovers of light also seek out the spotlight and may crave attention. But, that’s ok, because they have the creativity and talent to back it up. People born under this strong, fiery celestial influence may also be bold, proud and even self-centered at time. But, they will also bring light into the lives of others by serving as leaders and influencers. Though the first day of the week has traditionally been seen as a day of rest and reflection, there is little of that for these go-getters who prefer action over contemplation.

Monday – The Moon’s Day

The moon is an ever changing celestial influencer, constantly going through phases. Likewise, people born on Monday are subject to ever changing moods and desires. These sensitive spirits are deeply tied to home and family and will find great happiness in the happiness of those they love. They are also fiercely protective of their families and may become unhappy or stressed when something challenges their loved ones. Because of the moon’s role in fertility and family, those born on the moon’s day are likely to be nurturing as well as kind and modest.

Tuesday – Mar’s Day

Originally named after the Norse God of Mars, Tuesday is ruled by the red planet. Like Mars, those born on Tuesday have a fiery, fighting spirit. These natural leaders have a strong will to win and desire to shape their own future and the future’s on those around them. Tuesday’s children are driven, active and enthusiastic. With a large dose of bravery, there is little that can get in the way of their goals. But, be careful. All that passion and desire for success can lead to impatience and even destructive behavior if things aren’t going their way or are moving too slowly.

Wednesday – Mercury’s Day

Named after the Norse equivalent of Mercury, called Woden, the middle of the week is ruled by the smallest planet in the solar system. Often associated with restlessness, Mercury passes a wandering spirit and questioning attitude to Wednesday’s children. Communication is crucial to people born on this day and they will seek to talk things out, ask questions and look for answers. People born on this day are also logical and flexible. But, due to Mercury’s wandering tendencies, they may also be unreliable and careless.

Thursday – Jupiter’s Day

Jupiter was once known as Thor, and children born on this day will have the big, bold personalities of the God of Thunder. Jupiter may be the most beneficial of all the ruling planets and Thursday’s child is likely to be optimistic, generous and jovial. They will also be drawn toward teaching and have a desire to share their positive perspective with others. But, all that positive attitude can also have a down side. People born on this day may have a tendency to be overly optimistic and ignore risks. They may also deceive themselves by putting a positive spin on difficult situations while overlooking the seriousness of things.

Friday – Venus’ Day

Named after Frica, the Nose equivalent of Venus, Friday is ruled by the planet of love. Those born on Friday will be drawn towards beauty, romance, art and refinement. They will continually seek out affection and will value love and romance. They may also use seduction and beauty to influence others. People born on this day are often generous and open to sharing, but they may also become vain. They may also be prone to laziness, so care must be taken to put their ample talents to good use.  Friday’s children are the social butterflies and are at their best surrounded by others.

Saturday – Saturn’s Day

With Saturn as an additional influencer, people born on Saturday do not enter life with an easy path laid out for them.  Instead, Saturday’s child is born with a purpose and they will spend their life looking for and trying to achieve that objective. These modest and studios workers are professional and practical. They routinely put their life’s work ahead of enjoyment and are often far wiser than their peers. But, this determination and dedication can have a downside. Constant focus and effort may eventually make them suspicious, weary and prone to complaining. Still, people born on Saturday are driven by an understanding of their importance within the family unit.  

Studied in conjunction with your zodiac sign, understanding the influence of the day of the week on which you were born can add new dimensions to making the best decisions for your life. For expert guidance, no matter where you are or when the need arises, download the Zodiac Live app.