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Flower Power: Improve Your Mood with Your Zodiac Flower

Flower Power: Improve Your Mood with Your Zodiac Flower

Flowers are not only the perfect gift or the ideal decor. If you seek inspiration, motivation, or a distraction from work or environmental stress, turn to the power of sweet-smelling flowers when things get tough!

Depending on your zodiac sign, some flowers may be more beneficial to you than others. Here are the flowers that can improve your mood based on your zodiac sign:


Not only is Aries the first zodiac sign celebrated in the spring, their matching flower is the first to bloom this season, as well. Lively and fiery Aries gets a boost from honeysuckle. Choose these petals for your office, wedding bouquet, and decor, in general. Honeysuckle has often been associated with rebirth, growth, and a passion for life, traits which you will definitely resonate with as an Aries.


There are many reasons why lavender has been selected as the flower of the Geminis, but the main ones include the lavender's very social nature and beauty. If you have seen lavenders in their natural habitat, you will find them growing in whole fields, thriving together among other flora and fauna. Lavender, like the Gemini, needs a supportive environment to grow well in. Yet, even when plucked away from their field, lavender is able to command attention on its own.


It's hard to tell where the notion that all Taurus are stubborn and headstrong, but if you seek a flower that is known for being equally resilient, choose the poppy. Poppy flowers grow in groups and tend to bloom steadfastly where they are planted. For the Taurus, the poppy is the perfect flower that best reflects your primary positive traits: bravery, determination, and innovation.


Leos are known to be outgoing, commanding of attention, and resilient, which is why the perfect flower to boost a Leo’s spirits is the sunflower. Did you know that the sunflower will always turn to where there is most sunlight? Leos may act the same way—they are attracted to situations where they can show off their leadership skills and to people who grant them their undivided attention. Not only that, a lion’s mane easily resembles the sunflowers bright yellow petals.


Buttercups have often been associated with being the flower of a choice of a free spirit, which is exactly what a Virgo is. Fun-loving and always excited to try something new, Virgo will easily find themselves relaxed and de-stressed when surrounded by pots or bouquets of buttercups.

If you can’t bring a buttercup to a Virgo, you can always take them to a field where these tiny petals bloom. One of the best things about buttercups is that they are common and can grow easily anywhere. Nature parks and backyards are but a few places where you can find them growing in groups.


Red roses may be common gifts, but if you want to impress a Cancer and bring out their most positive mood and widest smile, consider handing them a bouquet of yellow, pink, or white roses instead. Cancers will easily appreciate any rose, of course, but as the stars have made clear, they are most impressed roses that come in hues other than red.


Unlike Cancer, Libra is all about the classic red rose! Libras appreciate classical beauty, which is why they tend to feel lighter and more at peace when gifted with red roses. The redder the bulb, the better! Libras appreciate colors that best reflect their traits, after all. A deep passion for life is what links Libras with the delicate red rose. To truly make a Libra happy, consider bigger bouquets!


For the office of the equally creative and logical Scorpio, the best flower to decorate this space with is the small but vibrant Geranium. Although an unusual choice, the Geranium beautifully reflects the personality of a Scorpio and gives off the right vibes that can make them perform better at work. If your nearby flower shop does not have Geraniums, you can always plant them yourself in a hanging basket. They are known to be easy to plant and maintain.


Carnations are known for being the perfect flowers you would give to your mother on Mother's Day, put in a corsage or use as a filler for your wedding bouquet, but how does it go well with the Sagittarian spirit? Sagittarians are known for their love of life, a trait of the carnation. If you seek a flower that matches your passion for life, your hobbies, and your career, the carnation is your best pick. They come in a variety of bright hues, so you will always have a ton of color options.


Regain your strength and inspiration by adorning your bedroom or office with bright garden pansies. The garden pansy, also known as the viola or violet (although they come in different hues), is a mainstay in most home gardens due to its vivid colors and easy upkeep, so you might not easily find them in professional settings. For Capricorns, however, pansies can be a good source of workplace inspiration, making them a fine choice for your springtime decor. Garden pansies thrive well under sunny weather, but can also withstand a bit of wind that comes with the advent of spring.


Although the Aquarius is an air sign, the flower that best lifts up the mood of a busy and tired Aquarius are the beautiful hues and form of the orchid.

Orchids are some of the most resilient flowers around. They are capable of staying vibrant for days even with limited water or upkeep. Perhaps the best thing about orchids is that they can survive under various weathers and climates—a trait which best reflects the Aquarius’ flexibility.


For the zodiac sign that is represented by twin fish dancing around each other, the Pisces’ mood is best lifted by the calming view of a pond filled with water lilies. Since ponds are quite difficult to gift to a Pisces, a bouquet or pot of water lilies work just as well. Water lilies are not only calming to look at, but a Pisces may also draw artistic inspiration from its form, color, and environment. For an artistic zodiac sign that is easily drawn to objects that are uncommon, water lilies are the perfect flower match for a Pisces.


While our zodiac signs link us to certain flowers with the power to soothe and uplift, your bloom of choice should be whatever brings you joy. Choose flowers that appeal to your senses and put them in a spot where you can see them frequently.

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