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Find your way out of a rut in 6 steps

Find your way out of a rut in 6 steps

It happens to all of us, for all different reasons. Everyone falls into a rut at one time or another. Life feels flat. Things that used to excited just don’t feel that interesting anymore. Everything seems a little harder than it used to. You feel like you’re treading water, trapped in the same spot and not moving forward. 

We all may fall into a rut, but no one deserves to stay there. Life is more than simply going through the motions. This feeling isn’t permanent. The excitement and enthusiasm you once had can be reignited in these six steps:


If you’re stuck in a rut, the first step to dig yourself out is to admit that you are, indeed, in a rut. Look yourself in the mirror and acknowledge everything you’re feeling aloud. This isn’t the time for self-criticism and judgement. Simply admit this truth to yourself so you can begin to move forward.


It’s hard to get excited about life when you’re not sure what excites you. Explore your interests and passions. Look within yourself and consider your values, goals, priorities. What matters to you? What were your childhood passions? What are your natural talents? What have you always wanted to try?


When you’re in a rut, the idea of reaching even the simplest goal can seem way beyond reach. If you push yourself to hard, you may get overwhelmed and quit, which isn’t the boost you need at the moment. Choose an easy win. Focus on a small task that you know you can complete and set out to do so. It’ll leave you with a sense of accomplishment that just might snowball and lead to greater things. 


It’s easy to ignore your basic needs when you’re in a funk. Now is the time to treat yourself better. Make sure you’re eating right and getting enough sleep. Go for a walk, get some fresh air and sun. Enjoy some extra TLC with a nice bath, a massage, a funny movie, or your favorite meal. 


If you feel stuck, the same routine day in and day will only serve to keep you there. You need to make a solid effort to step out of your typical routine for a while. Try something brand new, even if it’s just a new route to work or a new restaurant for dinner. 


You might feel like having fun right now but have you ever heard the phrase: “You gotta fake it ‘til you make it”? That applies here. Don’t give into the boredom you’re currently feeling. Try a new activity, do something you used to love, or spend time with fun people. You might be surprised when trying to have fun turns into actually having fun.