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Don't Get Lost On Your Journey To Success

Don't Get Lost On Your Journey To Success

Did you set a New Year’s resolution this year?  Are you on track or have you completely forgotten what the resolution even was?  The start of a fresh year inspires many of us to set lofty resolutions for the coming months. But here we are, several months into that year and most are off track or have given up on what seemed exciting and important just a few weeks ago.

Resolutions are just long-term goals going by a more festive name.  Long-term goals are journeys that require diligence, patience and hard work to complete. Without those elements it’s easy to get lost on your road to success.

One step at a time

Every journey is made up of many miles and even more steps. Those steps are the doable, manageable pieces that will get you to your destination. If you focus solely on your destination it’s tempting to become overwhelmed by how far away it is.  If your destination, or goal, is to run a marathon it might look impossible if you are don’t even own a pair of sneakers. And then there is the issue of time. It’s easy to get excited about big goals when you make them, but then reality sets in. When you get into the day-to-day minutia of driving carpool, getting to work on time and getting the laundry done, who has time to train for and run a marathon? Well, no one. But, you do have time to go for a 30-minute run, and that is the first step.

No matter your goal, breaking it down into bite-sized pieces allows you to do what you can, right now. These little successes will keep you motivated and on track to get to your destination. So, instead of focusing on improving your marriage, plan a date night this week. Rather than worrying over loosing 100 pounds, focus on tracking your calories this week. 

The best time to start (or restart) is right now

January 1st is a popular day to set goals, but February 20th, or June 14th or November 5th work just as well.  In fact, today is the best day to start your journey. If you made a resolution a few months ago and are now finding yourself lost and off-track, that’s ok. Today is a new day and the perfect time to refocus and restart your journey. But, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Each day you wait adds one more you’re trip and makes it just a little less likely that you will actually start.  Today, this moment, is yours.  Grab it and go!

Make your plan

You would never leave for a long road trip without a map. Guessing your way down the highway and side streets would leave you lost long before you reached your destination.  This journey calls for a plan as well. Take a moment and think through all the little steps it will take you to reach your overall goal.  Write them down and cross them off as you go.  Not only will you day on the right path, seeing how far you have come will keep you working toward to next step.

Celebrate every step

Reaching your final destination is cause for a big celebration, but each small step along the way is just as important and deserves to be honored as well. Each day that you stay on track and make progress, give yourself a great big pat on the back and share your success with those closest to you so that they can celebrate with you. Set mini-goals along the way and reward yourself for those milestones. Don’t save happiness and celebration for the end goal, cherish your personal growth and honor your hard work throughout the entire journey.

Don’t travel alone

Solo road trips are tedious, boring and exhausting. You need a traveling partner to change the radio station and keep you focused on the road. The journey to your goal calls for travel partner as well. Our psychic advisors can provide insight and guidance to make the journey easier. Plus, they can celebrate your successes and help you visualize the next step.