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How to Build an Altar in Your Home

Creating your home altar

We all want something. It might be a new house, a different job, or better luck in love. Maybe you’re seeking creative inspiration, mindfulness or more peace and happiness in your life. Whatever it is that you’re after, honing in on exactly what you want and aligning your energies with your desires can help make that dream a reality. It’s not magic, but a home altar can create space in your mind and heart for your goals and make achieving them more concrete than ever.

A home altar is a sacred space where you can focus your energies and manifest your intentions. For some, an altar is for religious practice but it doesn’t have to be. Your altar can be anything you want — a place to meditate, pray, or simply think about whatever it is you wish to manifest — and it can take any form or shape as long as your intentions are clear.


Find a quiet spot in your home where you can set up a surface and sit uninterrupted. Clear the space by smudging white sage to get rid of any negative energy and prepare for a fresh start. As you build your altar, keep your intentions in mind. 

Your altar can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. It can be a table, shelf, tray, or any make-shift version of these. You want enough space to allow for the objects that will symbolize your intentions and guide your manifestation. Ideally, you want an altar you can sit in front of on a cushion or pillow. However, if you travel often or don’t have a place to set up a permanent altar, you can also make one in a box or pouch and take it with you where you go.


Your altar should feature objects and items that represent or support your goals and dreams. It can be as concrete or abstract as you wish. Consider what symbolizes your desires to you. Every altar is unique in this way, though some common objects include things found in nature like flowers, shells, or feathers, as well as statues of deities or animals, photographs, and singing bowls. Crystals and candles are popular altar adornments, but it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with crystal and color meanings before you choose.

Include anything that is special or meaningful to you. You may also want to write down your intentions or create a positive affirmation that reminds you of what you seek.


Use your time in front of your altar to clear and calm your mind and focus your energy on your intentions. Light candles. Hold a crystal or symbolic object in your hand. Meditate. Pray. Chant. Read. Repeat your affirmation. This is your sacred space — recognize its significance and believe in the power of your own energy to reach your dreams.