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Best Zodiac Matches for Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian

Best Zodiac Matches for Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian

It’s official: after nine months of dating, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have broken up. 

Sources say the relationship got more serious than the newly divorced Kardashian anticipated and that the reality TV star wants to enjoy the single life and date around. 

As soon as we heard the news, we looked to the stars to find out about the pair’s astrological compatibility with each other. Since no one in Hollywood seems to stay single for long, we also looked at their compatibility with other celebrities on our free astrology compatibility tool, ZodiacMatch.

An Instagram photo of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. Khloe Kardashian comments the photo.
IG: @kimkardashian

Were Kardashian & Davidson a good match?

Comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member, Pete Davidson was born November 16, 1993 in New York City. That makes him a Scorpio. Kim Kardashian, socialite and media personality, is a Libra. She was born on October 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, CA. 

According to the zodiac, this pairing has a shared admiration. It’s a good match for loyal, inspiring friendships. They’re drawn together by shared tastes and interests. They encourage each other with kindness and understanding. This pair can work well together to complete a big project, possibly in business or creative arts.

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games for this planetary alignment. Based on their natal charts, there may be a lot of conflicts and arguments. 

  • Mars (him) might start to annoy Mercury (her) and that can cause Mercury to lash out.
  • Pluto (her) challenges Saturn (him). It might cause Saturn to re-examine their life choices.
  • Saturn (her) can be tough and critical of Jupiter (him). Jupiter can be selfish but would have to let go of some life goals in order to be with Saturn.

 Overall, it’s not a terrible match but these two are definitely better as friends than lovers.

Kim Kardashian portret.

Who will Kim Kardashian date next?

Kim Kardashian’s zodiac sign is Libra. Libra’s are balanced, independent, and individualistic. They tend to avoid confrontation and will go to extremes to keep the peace. Libra show their love with helpful deeds and poetic words. They need a partner who can be communicative and sensitive. 

Kim Kardashian and ex-husband Kanye West at the event.
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Some of Kardashian’s exes include:

  • Damon Thomas (music producer she eloped with at 19)
  • Ray J (singer)
  • Kris Humphries (basketball player she married for 72 days)
  • Kanye West (rapper)
Matt Dillon, Drake, and Leonardo Dicaprio.
From left to right: Matt Dillion, Drake, Leonardo Dicaprio

According to her natal chart, Kim Kardashian’s best celebrity love matches are Matt Dillon (actor, There’s Something About Mary) and Matthew McConaughy (actor, Interstellar). McConaughy is married and Dillon is rumored to have a long-time girlfriend. Her birth chart is a good match with that of her ex-husband Kanye West, so it’s no surprise the two had a strong attraction. Kardashian also appears to be a zodiac match to Drake (rapper) and Leonardo Dicaprio (actor, The Wolf of Wall Street), who has a model girlfriend. 

Pete Davidson at the event.

Who will Pete Davidson date next?

Pete Davidson’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. It’s a sensitive sign. There’s a good chance the lines of communication between Kardashian and Davidson were always open. Both signs like to share openly and aren’t afraid of emotion. Although, Scorpio’s emotions can overwhelm others. Scorpio’s love language is physical and they like a partner who’s equally affectionate.   

Some of Davidson’s exes include:

  • Ariana Grande (pop singer & former fiance)
  • Kate Beckinsale (actress, Underworld)
  • Margaret Qualley (star of the Netflix series Maid)
  • Kaia Gerber (model and daughter of Cindy Crawford)
  • Phoebe Dynevor (Bridgerton actress)
  • Cazzie David (daughter of comedian Larry David)
Alexandra Daddario, Emma Watson, Schailene Woodley.
From left to right, Alexandra Daddario, Emma Watson, Shailene Woodley

According to his natal chart, Davidson’s best celeb love matches are Deepika Padukone (Bollywood actress) and Alexandra Daddario (actress, The White Lotus) but both actresses are already married. His top single matches include Emma Watson (actress, Harry Potter films) and Shailene Woodley (actress, The Fault in Our Stars), but Watson has a serious boyfriend.

Photos of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson from Kim´s Instagram account.
IG: @kimkardashian

Will we hear about Kim Kardashian on a date with someone like Drake or see photos of Pete Davidson spending time with someone like Shailene Woodley? Only the stars know for certain, but it sure helps to know your zodiac compatibility. If you want to discover your own celebrity matches (or how well you match with friends and family), just download our astrology compatibility tool, ZodiacMatch. It’s a totally free way to discover your natal chart and understand more about who you are and what you want in love and life.