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How to Cast a Spell - A Beginner's Guide

A Beginner's Guide to Spellcasting

Have you ever made a wish? In your mind, you see something you want to change or make happen and you focus your energy on that intention. Maybe you do it when you see a shooting star, blow out the candles on your birthday cake or toss a coin into a fountain. If this sounds familiar, then you’ve already cast your first spell.

A spell, in essence, is a desire fuelled by energy. It takes is intention, focus, energy and action. If you’ve got those key elements, you’re basically ready to start spellcasting, but there are a few things you should know before you get started:

> Don’t cast a spell if your emotions are running high. If you just got dumped and want to do a love spell to get them back, wait. Don’t do anything until your emotions have calmed down or else the results can be disastrous. You need the right energy to focus your spell but when you’re feeling emotional, your energy is all over the place.

> Don’t cast a spell with malice. There’s an important rule in spellcasting: everything you do, comes back to you threefold. A spell intent on making your ex miserable will only make you more miserable. Choose a spell that’s heals you, not one that harms them.

> Don’t expect results without action. A spell to find love won’t work if you never leave the house and refuse to try online dating. Spells are about magical intention but they won’t make a date magically appear in your living room. Back your spells up with action to see the results you want.

Now that you know what NOT to do when it comes to spellcasting, we’ve got the step-by-step basics for creating your own spell:

Step #1: Begin with a magickal intention

What is your desire? Before a spell can begin, you must have a goal in mind. Think about what you want or need in your life right now. Your intention should be specific and focused—something you can summarize in just a sentence or two.

Step #2: Find the right place & time

Cast your spell in a clean, quiet space, free of chaos and clutter. If necessary, open the windows and smudge with white sage to clear out negative energy. When choosing a spot, find one where you can do your spell undisturbed. Some locations in your home can be particularly good for spellcasting—doorways and windows are considered to be magickal portals. Similarly, a spell cast during under a full moon or on certain occasions (like Halloween and the seasonal equinoxes) is said to be extra powerful.

Step #3: Write out your steps

You know what you want and where you’ll do it, but this is the time to put it down on paper. Write out the steps of your spell so you can make sure you have everything you need. Write down what you’ll do and say so the spell flows well and allows you to maintain focus on your intention—instead of the item you forgot in the other room.

Step #4: Gather supplies

Spellcasting doesn’t require a big investment. Many spells can be completed using items found in nature or around the house, like rocks, candles, feathers, flowers or spices. Everything in nature has a unique universal energy. Do some research to find out what items support your intention.

Step #5: Prepare yourself

Just as you cleansed your space, cleanse yourself—at least mentally. Smudge with sage or take a cleansing bath to dispel any negative energy around you. Treat yourself with kindness. Meditate to calm your mind. Only begin your spell when you feel centered and at peace.

Step #6: Cast your spell

You’ve got everything you need now to cast your first spell. Take your time to enjoy the ritual. Don’t rush it. Turn off all your distractions and focus all your energy on this intention. When your spell is complete, perform a ritual to signal its completion or even just say, ‘goodbye’—it’s important to formally end any spell work.

Congratulations! You’ve performed your first spell. Now you need to take action to support your intention and keep that energy flowing. If your spell doesn’t work, that’s OK. These things take time. While you’re waiting, consulting with a spiritual advisor on Zodiac Psychics can help you determine if you’re on the right path and putting the right kind of energy out there.