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5 Popular Misconceptions About Spiritual Advisors

5 Popular Misconceptions About Spiritual Advisors

Professional psychics specialize in different divination methods, and each brings to his or her career a unique skill set for counseling others on the path to awakening. The spiritual advisors who partner with us here at Zodiac Psychics have spent years, if not decades, fine tuning their channel to be as clear and receptive as possible. The best psychics continue to hone their skills, and we work with only the best.

The commitment to serve others as a psychic reader is both a career choice and a spiritual path. Well-established, in-demand spiritual advisors like ours have large client bases that repeatedly seek them out for advice because of the integrity and wisdom they possess.

We’ve noticed several misconceptions that sometimes get in a client’s way when working with a psychic reader. Let’s shine some clarifying light on these beliefs to dispel the illusions.   

1) All clairvoyants are always 100 percent accurate

Clairvoyant readers are (usually!) 100 percent human beings living this Earth journey. They are susceptible to fatigue and occasional errors. Without adequate recharging, psychics can fall prey to energy depletion like anyone else that practices a profession of serving others. 

Psychics are bridges between worlds, and the information that they carry to you can only be as accurate and clear as they are in that moment. Even if the communications they receive for you are sourced from their own reliable and pure spirit guides, the message can only be delivered in a language that your advisor can interpret and articulate.

As psychics continue to grow and develop on their own life path, the manner in which they bring through and “step down” the information they receive often changes, becoming deeper and more consistently accurate. When choosing your own personal spiritual advisor, always go with someone who uses a vocabulary that carries the most authenticity and resonance for you.

2) Tarot readers can predict certain misfortune by the cards drawn   

Psychics who work with a tarot deck are masters of symbology. They know that every image and theme on a card carries numerous interpretations. How they interpret a card is totally dependent upon your specific situation, as well as the placement of all the other cards in the throw.

The Death card is not a dark omen of someone’s physical demise, but often points to great rebirth on the near horizon. It may involve great pain, but ultimately this card portends a huge, life-altering shift for the client. Likewise, the Tower card. While some sort of “collapse” may be possible, the reading is bringing the potentiality to your attention. This allows you to take steps that redirect the energies inherent in the situation. The simple act of laying out the cards and seeking guidance begins to shift the possibilities available to you.

Great tarot readers engage their sharp powers of pattern and symbol interpretation to inspire you on your soul’s journey, never to frighten or depress you. They know that a specific throw is just one peek into your life as it is in that moment in time, not the whole picture. The cards that come up carry messages that you need to hear at that particular juncture to empower you to choose your next steps consciously.

3) Astrologers can determine your entire future by looking at your natal chart  

Although astrologers are firm believers in “As Above, So Below,” they know that the relationship between the planets and our human lives on Earth are complex, multilayered, and ever-evolving. In your 100 percent unique birth chart, astrologers see undeveloped talents, latent gifts, areas of weakness and vulnerability, and multiple possible futures for you.

Much like tarot, astrology points to tendencies and possibilities. Your free will is sovereign and overrides any areas of negativity or destructive tendencies seen in a chart. Your future is never set in stone. It is alterable with every single conscious choice you make.

When you consult a professional astrologer for a solar return chart on your birthday, or seek out a relationship compatibility reading, you are delving into an immense sea of complex interactions. When a gifted astrologer analyzes and then explains the aspects in play, it allows you to make informed and empowered choices about the outcomes that you desire. 

4) Psychic readers are telepaths who read your mind during a session

Although many psychics are also telepathically skilled, the greater gift lies in their ability to read energy. While we are all born with this wide-open access to other spiritual dimensions, psychic readers either never closed down, or have devoted themselves to opening back up to these vast fields of information found in the subtle realms.

Most psychics are HSPs – Highly Sensitive Persons. As natural empaths, they are permeable to the emotions and motivations of others. They are very insightful and have extraordinary use of all of their senses, which they use to gather information when counseling you. Their acute sensitivity to subtle stimulation makes it first nature for psychics to read the energy fields that surround people, animals, places, and objects. 

5) Spiritual advisors are better people than you are

No -- psychic advisors are people who are passionate about helping you, and all of humanity, evolve into better people. The psychic readers here at Zodiac Psychics share one goal: to support your spiritual growth by providing you with empowering information that allows you to make better, more creative and fulfilling life choices.  

Ethical psychics like ours won’t ever tell you what to do, or pressure you into believing anything that they share with you. Invoke your highest powers of discernment when choosing one of our top-rated spiritual advisors to counsel you, and trust that the decision is for your greatest empowerment!