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11 Essential Dating Tips [+ Infographic]

11 Essential Dating Tips [+ Infographic]

What are your Valentine's Day plans? 

If you've got a date on February 14, we've got the dating advice you're going to want to follow. 

If you're in a new relationship or something long-term, the rules of dating still apply, especially on the most romantic day of the year. Who doesn't want to feel loved and appreciated on Valentine's Day?

Most of us know how to date, but following these dating tips will make sure you show off your best self and guarantee your sweetheart feels the love.


11 essential dating tips infographic


Spend some time on self-care

A pre-date grooming ritual isn't just about looking good for someone else. It's about feeling good for yourself. Choose a hairstyle and outfit that make you feel confident and sexy. When you feel those things on the inside, it's a lot easier for other people to see you that way too.

Be your most authentic self

Being your truest self doesn't mean burping and swearing and loudly sharing your most controversial opinions. It means accepting yourself and allowing yourself to be that person around others. Pretending to be someone you're not is a game you can't play forever. Let your guard down so you can really get to know each other.

Choose the right place

Location is everything. Most dates happen in a restaurant, but they can happen anywhere that both people feel comfortable. Share a love of animals and the outdoors? Walk your dogs together in the park. Are you both creative types? Plan a date at a local art gallery. Want to enjoy a bite somewhere other than a restaurant? Take a cooking class together!

Don't be late

Showing up late is one of the biggest mistakes you can make on a date, especially in the early stages of a relationship. It's not just a sign of unreliability, it's also as disrespect whether it's your first date, fifth date, or 100th date together. Don't be late and make a bad impression.

Put away your phone

We've all been in a social situation where the person we're with won't put their phone away. They're busy scrolling Instagram, messaging friends, or checking email. Whatever the reason, the person is distracted and not engaged in the actual human experience happening around them. Stay offline for a while and be fully present with your date.

Show your interest

Now that your phone is tucked away, you can focus your attention fully on your date. Show them you're interested in getting to know them by asking questions and listening to their answers. Don't just wait for your turn to talk in a conversation. Truly listen to what they're saying so you and ask questions that reveal more.

Avoid talking about exes

Nothing ruins a romantic moment like bringing up past relationships. If it's a first date, the topic can be a total mood killer, especially if someone is still pining for their ex or full of angry complaints. Check your relationship baggage at the door.

Slow down on substances

It's easy to turn to alcohol and drugs as a form of social lubricant, just be sure to practice moderation. Your date wants to know you, not some altered version of yourself. Keep in mind, getting drunk or high with someone you don't know is always a risk. 

Manage your emotions

It's perfectly natural to be a little nervous on a date, but don't let your nerves get the better of you. Keep your other emotions in check. You want to be yourself, but the calmest, most confident version of yourself you can muster.

Get in touch

Did you have fun? Don't wait to tell your date! It's OK to send a message or call and let them know how you feel and that you want to go out again. Just keep it to one call or message and give them space to respond. If they feel the same, they'll be happy to hear from you.  

Сontact a dating coach

We're not all experts on dating, but we can all learn how to date and how to be in a relationship. It's not easy stuff and we all need some help with matters of the heart sometimes. Give yourself a chance to talk to a dating coach and find out what insights they can offer you. 

Learn about yourself and get the best advice on dating from a relationship advisor on Zodiac Psychics. Connect with an expert relationship consultant or dating coach for the energy and inspiration you need to find your perfect romantic match.