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I have great expertise over various matters such as Health, Money, Shares and Investments, Travels, Education, Progeny, Litigation, Business and Corporate Matters, Longevity, Career, Marriage and related matters viz. Romance and Divorce. etc.My passion is to help people and guide them in the right direction. I enjoyed helping people with their problems so they can achieve their goals. That’s what I love about being in the metaphysical profession!I would say that my reading style is straight-forward and compassionate but most of all honest. I won’t tell you there is hope for a situation when there is no hope at all. am Commerce Graduate and did my Honors Degree from Magda University and also did M.B.A . and master in Astrology,Hi, I’m Theresa, I specialize in all matters of love and relationships. Maybe you just need some answers to the questions that are keeping you up at night.. Dose the one I love really love me.. where is my soulmate?... why am i so unhappy? or perhaps you need information about the people in your life, who is honest and who is not. Knowledge is power. Stop worrying and wondering I can tell you everything you want to know,Stop waiting for things to change together we can change things. I have been helping people for 14 years I have experience and strong ability.I will answer all of your questions before you even ask them, through my psychic insight I will be able to see what the problems in your life are, where they are coming from and how to eliminate all obstacles in your path.Through my spiritual work I will help you to clear all negative energies that are causing confusion and chaos in your life. There is no heart so sad that I cannot bring joy to. I have helped thousands of  people to find happiness.


I am a spiritual advisor who will give you honest answers to guide you through any and every obstacle that stands in your way to your path to your true destiny. I’m a natural born psychic that has been helping people since 10 years, it is a passion of mine to help you get to where you deserve to be.I specialize in: Soulmate, Relationship, Dating, Marriage,I am only truthful, straight-forward and honest. I will not just tell you what you want to hear, I will only tell you what your future truly holds.I provide authentic psychic readings, , Energy healing, life-coaching & spiritual consulting.I am devoted to each one of my clients. My highly successful results have helped so many people.i see, hear, feel spirits. I am a clairvoyance I just don’t communicate with people who have passed as I have my limits. I predict timeframes and advise and guide you. every situation is a solution and ill be happy to guide you all. I am a love specialist in twinflames/soul mates/ twin souls. I can help you through a process to get to where you need to be. I do answer all other questions also. I do not sugarcoat anything so if you want a reading with me just be prepared to hear the truth.I am an Empath, Clairvoyant, Medium and Tarot Reader that is very Intuitive. I come from five generations of gifted family members from both sides. I look forward to the opportunity of sharing my gifts with you and giving honest and direct insightful answers that you need regarding your Love.I am a natural born empath with the ability to read the thoughts and emotions of others.Do you ask your self does he or she love me. Why wonder when i know the answers. Rest assured that your reading or counseling session is completely confidential. thank you.Are you unhappy, unlucky, disconnected with life? Are you in love with a married man or woman? Is there something in your way separating you from the one you love? all answers i will provide you.


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