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I always look for truth in a situation. I'm naturally connected to all that is around me, be it visible or not. Empathic, clairvoyant and clairsentient, I come from a strong lineage of women who interpret and predict events through dreams, use herbs and natural remedies. 

I've always had vivid dreams and as a child, I found that most of them happened which was scary and fascinating at the same time. And it still does happen but as adults sometimes we forget how not to lose focus on the "invisible" and stay connected within ourselves. I use Tarot, Oracle cards, crystals and pendulums in my readings in order to get the most accurate messages. 

I read energetically and intuitively. I really like getting in depth with the messages I receive, be it sometimes through images, flashes, colors, music and sounds, smell or just downloading and channeling whatever the other person is going through, feeling and thinking. During my readings, you will also receive a recommended crystal or herbs useful for your situation. 

I am a feeler and perceiver of waves, be them calm or stormy. I identify myself as an intuitive and creative storyteller using Tarot and astrology. I allow my intuition, imagination and senses to explore whatever messages Spirit wants you to acknowledge. 

My specialties are spirituality readings, romance and relationships, spiritual connections/soul mates, breakup and heart healing, life decisions, spiritual awakenings, psychic protection, depression and anxiety, karmic release. 

Breaking up? Need help? Need to make a decision? I can guide you! Wondering what they are thinking? I can read their thoughts. 

DISCLAIMER: There are some subjects I don't read on: pregnancy readings, health, court/justice trials and real estate/investments. I also don't do 3rd parties readings (for example asking about other people's relationships) since I don't have their permission to do so. Thank you!


My readings are detailed and in-depth. As an empath, I use all my senses in order to get the cleanest, accurate messages. I might give myself the time to connect and I appreciate dialogues where patience, respect and empathy are present on both sides. You will definitely not regret it. 

I have experience in the fields of Love and relationships, anxiety and depression, healing after breakups, loss and grief. I've been doing tarot and astrological readings for 12 years and met hundreds of people from around the world, in person or online. What I understood from this journey is that we share the same hopes and dreams, we all need love and unity, that we are beings of love, no matter where we come from or what size or shape we are.

I don't sugar coat, I'm naturally drawn towards truth and tell it as it is. I use Tarot, Oracle, Crystals to deliver your advice and guidance during sensitive and difficult times. I can help you see your own strength and light when that's most needed.

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