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Albert Valentine


Reading professionally since 1991. Psychic & Tarot. Astrologer (NCGR IV Certified) Are you wondering what's going on in your love life? Does your career and finances have you concerned? My goal is to give you accuracy in relationship, career and financial situations in your life. This includes time frames of when you can expect things to happen. I also do readings for a specific time. For example, if you are interested in knowing what the year, month, week has in store, I can do just that. I also look at the compatibility you have with you and another person (love / business too.) Time frames for when to initiate events such as the opening of a business or asserting action, I can give you the best time frame to make the best of the momentum. Relocation analysis is my third specialty. I can check out the best places on the globe for you to live, do business etc. Whether this means moving to that location or simply creating a presence for business ventures, I can also look into that. I have been providing professional readings since 1991.


Since 1991, I have done readings in person and via on demand. Prior to the internet, I have worked on many Psychic lines. Then as the internet expanded, I progressed my readings to chat as well. I have written for many newspapers and published articles in magazines. Throughout the years, I have integrated a structured style when it comes to readings. Surely, I will take specific questions and stay ahead of my client as I know what to look for when doing a reading prior to being asked. From the many readings I have done over the years, I know that everyone wants to know about relationships and career. I will keep our reading deep, detailed, and simple in order to give you concrete and tangible answers.

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