Psychic Reading: ( Picks up on what the spirits have to say for you and your situation). Past Life Regression Reading: ( Goes deep inside your past lives and explains what it has to do with your current situations and karma.)Dream Interpretation: ( Explains what your dreams are trying to tell you.)Spell Breaking, Energy Cleansing and Chakra Balancing: ( As a Light worker, I only work with positive forces and energy, in order to gain balance in your life. I shall find out who has troubled you and break any and all negative energy away.[Love and relationships] Helping people find their true soul mates in life through my psychic vision, power of the tarot, and clairvoyancy . But can and will help in all matters of life. honest straight forward accurate compassionate!


Hi name is marie, I've been helping people with my God-given psychic abilities since A very young age my Grandmother was a natural born psychic and noticed that I have this amazing ability to predict and tune in to other people.She took me under her wing and showed me how to channel the psychic ability to help others in need of it. For over 25 years i've been helping people on a larger scale.Through the power of the tarot, palm,Crestal, chakra and dream interpretation reading's I have helped people in all walks of life such as (love.marriage,career finances ,reuniting lost loved ones )or just helping someone to simply choose the right path in life .With over 25 years of experience in energy and intuitive abilities on many levels, I can help transform and shift what you need to help overcome any obstacle.Owning my own psychic shop for over twenty years I have helped many people. Such as a client of mine with a business venture. After years of trial and error I have guiding her on a path to starting her own business. And for the past eleven years she's been my repeat client successfully running a booming business with no more financial despair!





very interesting good talk



Love Marie! Highly recommend!!!


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