Salem White


My name is Mystic Salem White. You were lead to me today by fate!Please allow me to mend your broken soul and put your heart at ease. Natural born psychic/spell caster specializing in all matters of the heart such as romance rekindling, repairing broken marriages, help guiding you towards your soulmate/twin flame with timeframes – if you haven’t already met that is! Along with giving you the real & honest truth as to what your partners intentions are towards you. I’m not going to sugarcoat ANYTHING or feed you lies just for the sake of a review! I work with the highest source. I was put on this planet to help others like yourself that are in a weak state of mind and need some clarification .


Although love, sex & relationships are my specialities being that my guides are all love goddesses & angels- I still can help in all matters of life such as career forecasting, fortune telling, addictions, mediumship, spell casting, reiki, chakra cleansing, helping you get in touch with your spritual side + much more!


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