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Do you feel lost? Do you feel like your heart has been ripped out because your partner cheated AGAIN or they want a divorce? Wondering why you keep attracting people that do nothing but take advantage of you and drain your energy? Ever feel like you are not moving up in your career yet all the toxic, backstabbing people are? I promise you: You are a good parent You are fantastic at your job and deserve that promotion You do have someone out there who with love you with every fiber of their being and beyond *****INTRODUCTION**** Hello, my name is Modron Lotus. I have been giving spiritual guidance with tarot cards, and other divination tools, since 2010. *****SPECIALTIES****** I know what it is like to be on your last leg with nothing in the fridge and no shoulder to cry on. That makes me a wonderful guide and reader, especially for those in toxic relationships. I am fantastic at finding out: Why toxic people are attracted to you What energy is keeping your goals and dreams from becoming reality Why communication with your children and spouse is so incredibly difficult right now Why you no longer feel that spark of passion in your life I specialize in shadow work, which is a revealing and honest type of tarot reading. No sugar coating, no lies. Just honest, accurate guidance from your guides, my guides, and the cards. This allows me to give fast and in-depth advice, while still staying incredibly patient with difficult situations, to fix your life. I have helped clients from around the globe, from the United States to Russia to Australia, with all kinds of difficult situations. Some of these involved: Cheating and Divorce Contacting Passed Loved Ones Parenting and Fertility Issues Removing Energy Blocks around love, money, and beyond Healing from Toxic Relationships (romantic and paternal *******HOW I CONNECT TO YOU****** I connect to your energy very easily; all I need is your description of the situation, your name, and the names of those involved. No birthdays or favorite colors needed. I provide an intuitive and reviving reading experience, whether this is your first reading or your millionth. Every card is described so you can understand where I get the answers and how they apply to your life. I do provide pendulum readings for yes or no questions. These readings will also include a tarot card; pendulums are great at telling us the straight answer but never the why. There is always a reason behind the yes or no answer. Tarot cards provide that. ******WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY******* "I would like to state that Modron Lotus not only found out the root of one of my majors mental and existential issues but she has such wise and accurate words to say about it. She made me see things from a different perspective and helped me move on. So definitely I recommend her not only to read you the cards but to help you spiritually. Thank you again." Alex L. ******MY PHILOSOPHY****** Everyone deserves to be happy and successful. I whole-heartedly believe that. However, theres sometimes a block. Whether you created it or the universe is having a funky day, Im here as your guide and energy source to remove it.


******MY ABILITIES****** I am a third generation psychic, on my maternal side. I also am a natural clairvoyant and claircognizant. A clairvoyant is someone who has the ability to visually see the future, past, and present. Although I don't go into a trance like Raven Symone, I do process the information similarly. As I receive your take on your life and current issues, I receive flashes of images in my mind. Sometimes they are in color and others not. If my connection is clear enough (i.e. the more you tell me before I connect), I can even smell and hear things in the room. I have had readings about divorce and then I hear the client’s spouse watching ESPN and smell cigar smoke. Claircognizance, another type of psychic ability, is like clairvoyance but instant. The information will pop to mind. Whenever it does, I will ask a question to verify if the information I am getting is related to you. For example, I have helped someone locate a friend who was very down and Taco Bell popped into my mind. It turns out that the young man we were discussing used to work there and he was down because he got fired. ******YOUR READING EXPERIENCE****** I provide a friendly, warm reading experience. Very honest, open, and personable. I love questions and discovering the honest truth for you in the cards. That warm, content feeling you get sitting down with a cup of tea in a beautiful garden: that is what you will feel during every single reading with me. ******DEGREE AND SPECIAL TRAINING****** I am trained specifically in characterization, archetypes, and scenes that deal with tarot cards and their inspiration. With a degree in directing, I use my knowledge of the arts with my psychic abilities. I have even used my classical composition training to give shufflemancy readings. These readings are all music-based; I hit shuffle on an iPod and the song that comes up is the answer to the question. I then break apart the note intervals, tones, timing, and even the inspiration from the music videos to find psychic advice. I use this training along with a knowledge of magic, energy work, astrology, and other areas to give in-depth, honest readings. I do include numerology, chakra work, and palmistry (i.e. palm reading) in my readings as well. I will include knowledge from these areas and ask you questions about your hands and outside circumstances; this helps flesh out the information I am receiving and, in turn, giving to you.

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