I am a natural-born psychic. I've been working as a professional psychic for over 15 years. I am honest straightforward and very compassionate. I enjoy helping and directing people through their life. I can use my psychic ability to answer all questions. I also use tarot cards to help you overcome your past. Help you through present day obstacles and guide you to a brighter future. I answer questions on love, health, career and family. No problem or question is too big or too small. I can read Aura and chakras to help bring you spiritual balance in your life. My readings can get into the death of past present and future pick up on names and dates that may be important to you. I love to inspire my clients. Comfort but not lead them on. I hope to touch base with you answer all your questions and guide you to your brighter future.


I know right away as a child that I had the psychic ability but have been giving readings on a professional level for 15 years. I've loved working with other psychic lines giving readings over the phone. I've also owned my own psychic shop or have you given private readings on a daily basis whether over the phone or in person. I love speaking getting to know and comforting and guiding people through their obstacles as a young child. I'd study tarot cards with my aunt and mom who are also gifted so I've always had a Tarot deck in hand. I have studied the aura and chakra 2 to help bring balance on only into my life but help my customers find spiritual balance in their life. In the past, I also have been hired as a professional psychic for parties and events but I do love private readings and look forward to speaking to you soon.

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