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I am a natural born 5th generation psychic. I use the tarot as my tool to glance into your past, look into your present and predict your future. I have been helping people since a very young age and know this is my lifes work. I like to build a relationship with my clients not only as their psychic and life coach, but as their friend. I like to set people on their path and guide them in the right direction. While I truly believe everything is based on free will, I like to explain the different outcomes of your choices and decisions. Don't hesitate to contact me and together I will lead you into peace. 


I have been helping people since I've been 9. I am strong empath and clairvoyant. I have traveled different parts of the country helping and guiding people. I have been reading the tarot for 20 years and am also a spiritual healer. I use holistic awareness as part of my healing with your mind body and spirit.


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