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Cortney Capricorn
Cortney Capricorn
Love & Relationships
Cortney Capricorn


I like to utilize voice memos quite often in my chats, as to save time & to transfer as much information to you as possible which simultaneously gives you the most bang for your buck. I am driven in life by a strong moral compass and a deep desire to connect with and help guide my fellow souls. I have been on my own spiritual journey for as long as I can humanly remember. Always the one to question the norm, interested in the occult & connecting with my passed loved ones, whom I unfortunately lost at a very young age. I have also always had an extremely open mind & open heart, first sending me down a path of religious/theological studies and then eventually leading me to spirituality and picking up my first tarot deck, the rest was literal magic. I have never in my life had such an innately profound knowledge of something I (in a practical sense) still knew very little about. I began reading in person just a few months later and online for hundreds of people all over the world within 6 months time. I have always been big into channeling information and inspiration, in ways I could never really find the vocabulary for, but reading the cards was a truly divine experience. I consider myself to be an empowered “super empath”, as claircognizance (clear knowing) & clairsentience (clear feeling) have always been the most present in my psychic abilities. I also utilize my clairaudience (clear hearing), my remote psychic viewing abilities & divine channeling among other modalities, when working on and delivering readings. I specialize in love & relationship readings, however I am open to just about anything within reason. I also specialize in coaching couples specifically on keeping the flame in your relationship strong and hot. Other specialties include but are not limited to; connecting with spiritual deities, grieving lost loved ones & life transitions, empath empowerment, teaching & facilitating meditation and/or breath work sessions, re-incarnation & soul contracts, twin flames, shamanic sound healing & so much more! I am not a reader who is going to sugar coat any messages I receive. My spiritual guides connect with your spirit team during my readings, and they nor I wish to deliver you any messages that will deter you from the very highest timeline available to you during this particular incarnation. With that being said, I deliver my readings in a very compassionate & gentle manner, the guidance is straightforward from the most loving of places. I cannot wait to connect with you on your spiritual journey, I love you, take care beautiful friend!


I have studied spirituality extensively and am proud to say I am accredited as a training provider with the International Association of Therapists. A few areas of study include; Spiritual Life Coaching, Life Transitions Coaching, Reiki, Meditation Teaching, Breath Work Coaching, Empath Energy Protection, Theology, Divination, Astrology, Shamanic Sound Healing, Sacred Sexuality, Deep Soul Point Release Therapy, Angeliic Chakra Energy Healing, Spiritual Numerology, Soul Contracts & more! I have delivered over a thousand accurate and divinely guided messages to hundreds of clients online over the years. I am also lucky enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with a local metaphysical shop in my hometown and read for my community in-person a few times monthly. There is nothing that brings me greater joy than to open someone's eyes to a new and helpful perspective. I can't wait to connect with your beautiful energy & see what I can pick up on for you! Xoxo

Fun fact: I am what one calls a triple sign, I'm a triple Capricorn. This means that my Rising sign, Sun sign & Moon sign are all three in the sign of Capricorn…crazy right?! I found out not too far back that for a triple sign individual to manifest in the material, they would have to be born at dawn on a New Moon which I just adore! 




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