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Why different readings offer different outcomes

Why different readings offer different outcomes

So you’ve talked to a few different psychics, asked the same questions, but no two answers are alike and you’re left wondering what to believe. It’s actually pretty common for different spiritual advisors to provide different answers. It doesn’t make one psychic any less accurate than the next, it just means there are few different factors at play that are affecting the outcome of your reading.

Here’s what you need to know to make your next reading the best one yet!


If you ask a few of your friends for advice, chances are they’ll each offer up different wisdom. It’s the same among psychic advisors. No two psychics receive information in exactly the same way.

To get the answers you’re looking for, choose the right spiritual advisor. Before initiating a chat with a Zodiac Psychic, read the advisor’s full profile for details on their unique gifts and areas of expertise. Find out what their abilities are and what kind of readings they specialize in. Can they provide the type of answers you’re looking for? Not all spiritual advisors are able to make clear predictions of the future.

Clairvoyants tap into an extra-sensory perception that allows them to see what others can’t--such as non-physical beings, lost objects or people, and the future. Empaths can read someone’s thoughts and feelings. Mediums communicate with the spirit world. There are many different types of spiritual advisors out there so choose the one that can meet your needs.

Spiritual advisors also differ in the way they interpret and deliver the information. Some advisors are blunt while others may try to protect the reader’s feelings. Some offer concrete predictions, others present the options ahead. Just as you want to find an advisor with the right abilities, you want someone with the right approach and personality for you.


The spiritual advisor is only part of a reading--you’re the focus, so your frame of mind matters most. Stress can play a factor so seek out a reading while in a calm, relaxed state. Avoid getting a reading while feeling a particularly strong emotion. Never get a reading while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The outcome of any psychic reading is strongly affected by your energy and every reading uses your energy. Too many readings can leave your energy depleted, which makes it difficult for a spiritual advisor to provide clear insights and accurate predictions. Try to approach the next reading with a calm, clear head and your energy charged.


Once you get in the right headspace and get a reading from the right spiritual advisor, take a pause. Give the reading time to come to fruition before dismissing it and seeking another consultation. This practice in patience allows time for your energy to restore.  

It also helps to keep an open-mind. Sometimes the answers are not what we want to hear, but they may be what we need. Your spiritual advisor is there to help and guide you, but the truth can be tough to hear. Approach a reading ready to accept guidance and follow advice.

If you’re still not satisfied with the answers you’re getting, reflect on the reading. Is there a lesson to be learned that you were not initially ready for? When reflecting on multiple readings, we may come to find that the predictions are not so different, just the interpretations. What similarities do these readings share?

In any case, it always helps to be direct with your questions. A clear, straightforward question is more likely to yield a solid answer than a vague question with too many possibilities. Remember--they’re not all mind readers!

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