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What you’re looking for in love, based on your sign

What you’re looking for in love, based on your sign

Are you looking for your perfect match or still trying to figure out what you want? You might not be totally sure what your heart desires but your zodiac sign has a lot to say about the kind of relationship you’re seeking and the type of person who suits you best. 

There comes a time when everyone — from spontaneous fire signs to dreamy water signs — craves the companionship, stability and support a long-term relationship brings. It’s all about finding yourself the right person who can maintain a balance between being your better half and your partner in crime.

Here’s what your zodiac sign reveals a lot about your ideal relationship.

Aries is all about excitement and adventure. You struggle against routine and get restless when life starts to slow down. You’re full of energy and crave the rush of adrenaline so a partner with similar thrill-seeking interests is a good match. Aries is loyal but hates to feel restrained. Find a relationship in which you get the freedom and space you need. 

Taurus is a creature of habit. You’re considered a stubborn bull for a reason. You like order and routine and dislike change. Life will be much easier with someone who thinks like you do. Taurus doesn’t have the patience to help someone fix themselves — you need someone already on the same page as you who has their life together. Bonus points if they’re low maintenance and also love the outdoors. 

Gemini is the ultimate social butterfly. You’re outgoing, love spending time with your friends and are always ready for adventure. Your partner should share your enthusiasm for a good time and be comfortable in social situations. Geminis never pretend to be who they’re not, so the most important trait in a partner is someone who is genuine, communicative and honest. Someone who can do that while also bringing a little variety and excitement to life is your perfect match.

Cancer is kind, attentive and compassionate. You’re a natural caretaker and deserve someone who will return your kindness. You don’t ask for a lot but you’re sentimental and appreciate celebrating the little things, like cute milestones or personal achievements. The right partner buys you flowers “just because” and writes you sweet notes. Cancer values family relationships so it’s super important you find someone who can enjoy spending time with your family as much as you do.

Leo is confident, ambitious and sometimes even self-centered. You need someone who understands your drive to achieve and won’t be bothered when you put in long hours at work. Leo can’t help but attract attention so your partner must also be ok when you’re in the spotlight. Look for a partner who is similarly self-assured but has a more laidback attitude than you and gives you the freedom you need to pursue your goals.

Thoughtful Virgo acts with purpose. You think about your next move and take time making decisions. This often requires a patient partner. Virgo doesn’t act rashly and isn’t keen on spontaneity. You value communication and it’s important to you that your partner understand you. You don’t just analyze your decisions — you analyze everything. Seek out a partner who isn’t offended by a little bit of criticism now and then. 

Libra is fiercely independent. You can’t tolerate a partner who tries to tie you down or hold you back. You’re an individual and you need to be able to express yourself. Libra hates confrontation and want everything to be peaceful. You need someone who can communicate clearly and isn’t afraid to show their softer side. 

Sensitive Scorpio can’t stand secrets. Your relationships must be built on truth and honesty. Scorpio is sensitive and emotional. Potential partners have been overwhelmed by how much you feel so look for someone that isn’t afraid to deal with your emotions and their own. You’re empathetic and it’s hard not to pick up what other people are feeling. You need someone you can communicate and share with openly.

Sagittarius doesn’t take life too seriously. You’re known for your great sense of humor and want someone to share the laughs with. You appreciate someone who can tolerate your silliness and spontaneity, especially if they can balance you out with some organization and stability. Sagittarius will struggle if a partner tries to change you. You’re independent and need to be your true self.

Capricorn has big dreams. You aspire to do great things and need a partner who shares your ambition. You want someone who will inspire and encourage you with their own efforts. Capricorn desires a motivated partner who strives for something more, but you’re best with someone who isn’t the workaholic you are. Look for someone who will tell you when it’s time to take a break and have some fun. 

Aquarius craves a mental connection. You want a partner who is on your wavelength emotionally and keeps you intellectually stimulated. It’s important to you to build a close bond but you still need your space. Aquarius is confident and independent and wants the same in a partner. You’re both loyal lovers but enjoy freedom. Stay away from clingy or jealous types.

Open-minded Pisces loves to learn and try new things. You’re always in pursuit of knowledge and experience so look for someone that shares your broad views and interests. Pisces are sensitive water signs so you need a partner who can weather your emotional storms. You seek someone who can offer you romance and stability.