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What is Automatic Writing & How Does it Work

What is Automatic Writing & How Does it Work

Automatic writing unlocks a gateway. 

Whether it’s messages from the unconscious mind or connections with the spirit realm, is still up for debate. 

Some believe the messages come from within while others think that supernatural forces pass on the information. Whichever the approach, spirit writing is a path to self-knowledge and to our higher self.

What is automatic writing?

Also known as spirit writing, automatic writing occurs when someone (usually an experienced professional) writes while in a trance or trance-like state. During an automatic writing session, the hand will move freely by itself, with the writer usually looking away. Sometimes a person may not even realize they’re writing at all.

When someone writes automatically, their handwriting may change and the message received may even surprise them. 

How does an automatic writing session work?

The automatic writing experts you’ll find on Zodiac Psychics use this skill as a method of divination. Typically, they’ll connect with a client and find out what issue is bothering them. Then, the reader will focus on the client and enter into their trance while holding pen to paper, often reaching out to their spirit or angel guides. 

The advisor will let the messages flow in, writing automatically as if the otherworldly being is moving their hand and arm over the paper. The messages they receive are then shared with the client. 

If you want to try your hand at writing automatically, an expert on the topic can help you decipher the messages you get. Connect with an automatic writing expert to explore the subject!