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The Tower Tarot - What Does it Mean?

Unpacking the Tarot - The Tower

The Tarot have been used for centuries to predict the future and answer our deepest questions. The traditional deck contains 78 cards—the 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

While the Minor Arcana can help shed light on the actions and decisions we make every day, the Major Arcana helps us understand our life’s purpose. Each card represents situations we face through our journey and the lessons we all must learn.

Here is a closer look at the next card in the deck, the Tower.


In the Major Arcana, it’s not the Devil or Death card you should be wary of. The Tower is the true troublemaker in the deck. It foretells of a big change, transformation or upheaval that you cannot escape. It sounds pretty scary but life is all about expecting the unexpected. Of course, not all change is bad. It depends on the other cards in the spread and your frame of mind—it’s time to embrace, not fear, change.


The Tower depicts a troubling scene of destruction and chaos. At the center is a tall tower built atop a mountain. To the top left of it, is a crown. To the right, a bolt of lightning has struck, knocking the crown aside and setting the building ablaze. Two figures leap from the windows to escape the flames, presumably to their deaths. The Tower represents ambition, suggesting that our determination is only as good as the intention behind it. A motivation built on false pretenses is destroyed with just one strike. Yet, in order to begin anew, this destruction may be necessary. The crown symbolizes the energy we receive from the universe and lightning is a sign of the flash of inspiration that can change things.


If the Tower appears in your spread, prepare for chaos. Your life is about to be disrupted in a sudden and major way. Unfortunately, this type of upheaval can be painful. It could suggest a death, job loss, medical issue, natural disaster, or some other traumatic life event. Yet, as with every Tarot card, the interpretation isn’t always literal. Big changes come in all shapes and sizes. If the other cards in the reading are positive, chances are it won’t be a tragedy. The one thing to remember is that this that whatever comes your way, this upheaval cannot be avoided. You must learn to accept it and adapt to it. Out with the old ways and in with the new.


In reverse, the Tower signifies a personal transformation. The change is not happening around you or to you, but within you. You are the catalyst for this internal revolution. You may find yourself questioning your ideas, values and beliefs. Explore, question and embrace it. Consider who you are, what you believe in and who you want to be. The time to manifest what you really want is here.