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Love expert, intuitive, honest, accurate, fast, time frames. You can find answers and clarity in all situations. Knowledge is power. I can show you the big picture, there always is a way - happier and more successful. My motto - Happiness is not the final destination, is the way. I can feel her or his emotions. If you feel in a crossroad. Don’t you know which way to take? Is he going to marry me? Is she cheating? Is he the one for me? Should I leave this job? When? And many others can be revealed to you directly from my Spirit Guides. In every difficult situation, I see opportunities. I will help you manifest your destiny as you align yourself with the truth and desires. There always is hope in the middle of the worst storm. There is light in the darkest places. I am here to shine that light in your life. I connect with Spirit to find your True Path. My life has been spent assisting everyone around me. I am a lightworker, energy healer, a Tarot reader, Reiki Master, Angel Communicator. I use Meditation, Prayers, Aura cleansing, Gemstone Healing, Stress removal ritual.


Tarot Reader, Psychic, Love specialist, Reiki Master, Chakra Balancing. Stress removal ritual, with over 15 years of experience in the spiritual community. I believe in Divine as our highest power as we are all a part of the enormous whole, and I use my psychic gifts as well as the tools of Tarot reading to provide you with answers that are delivered with clarity, purpose and truth from Spirit. I can clear negative energy, stress that is keeping you from living your best life. I am a natural Empath, who has achievements in showing solutions for people with marriage, love, divorce, break up, abuse, infidelity problems. Born into a family of Empaths and healers, much of my studies began as a very young age. Certified in Reiki, Tarot development and have participated in a multitude of classes, seminars, and conventions that included studies in various metaphysical skills and tools. Whatever your situation is I am able to guide you and show you your true path. I treat each customer with respect, confidentiality and positivity. You are a click away to find the Truth, The Solution, Your Right Path.

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40 min ago
Thanks dear Gal! I really needed to talk to you before I texted him today so I know how to respond! I want to try us out but not sure if he will take my options to try us out! Thanks dear 🤗
6 h ago
oh wow Gal xxx it’s good c is now opening up alittle to F and just getting more intune with his happiness xx 😘 do u see how Chris felt or react when fabian tell him he saw me recently x Thanku so much soooo accurate woweeee always so kind xx
Jan 28, 2023
will she succeed?
Jan 28, 2023
Christina Philitin?
Jan 28, 2023
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