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12 Flowers & What they Mean

12 Flowers & What they Mean

A flower is one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful gifts. Flowers are intricate, delicate, colorful and unique. They have long inspired awe, hope and abundance. To give a gift of flowers suggests love and affection. To plant flowers in our gardens is to surround ourselves with nature and beauty. Throughout history, flowers have appeared on flags and in poetry. Flowers have been used as medicine and in magical practices. Thus, every species and variety of flower has developed a symbolic meaning. 

Even within a particular type of flower, meaning can vary depending on the color. Typically, red flowers denote passion, energy and love. Orange suggests friendship, growth and warmth. Yellow is the color of purity, wisdom and truth. Blue represents intuition, inspiration and imagination. Indigo inspires calm and self-exploration. Violet is energizing and spiritual. Finally, white is a sign of healing, peace and cleansing. 

When choosing the right flowers for yourself and others, considering color and meaning. Here are 12 common flowers and what they symbolize:

CARNATION | One of the most popular flowers, carnations usually come in shades of pink and red, though a wide variety of colors are available, from blue to yellow to purple and beyond. They generally symbolize love, beauty and admiration. 

DAISY | With white petals around a yellow center, the common daisy is a simple beauty and the sign of purity and innocence. Unsurprisingly, it’s a flower that represents children. It may also symbolize loyalty in love. It’s popular, colorful cousin, the Gerber daisy, symbolizes cheerfulness.

DAFFODIL | The happy daffodil is a symbol of friendship and new beginnings. Usually found in yellow, the daffodil can come in shades of orange, pink, white and even green. Daffodils represent courage, respect, luck and joy.

GARDENIA | The gardenia is known for its delicate white petals and sweet fragrance. It symbolizes love, joy, peace and kindness. The gardenia indicates love toward the recipient and is also said to suggest a secret love.

HYACINTH | It’s a sign of spring to see the star-shaped Hyacinth flowers bloom. The flower, which ranges from purple to pink to white, symbolizes rebirth, abundance and protection. It may also suggest loyalty, playfulness and happiness.

IRIS | The perennial iris has many unique varieties and comes in vibrant shades of purple, yellow, orange, blue and pink. It is a symbol of eloquence, wisdom, faith, passion and purity.

JASMINE | Jasmine’s small white flowers release a sweet scent in the evening. It’s no wonder this flower represents, joy, sensuality and love. It can also denote money and abundance.

LILAC | When the beautiful scent of lilac is in the air, it means spring has arrived. The purple-flowering plant symbolize innocence, love, kindness and confidence. 

LILY | The big, fragrant flowers of the lily represents purity and protection. In shades of pink, white, purple, red, and orange, lilies symbolize beauty, passion and harmony.

ORCHID | Orchids are an exotic flower regarded for their beauty. The delicate petals come in a rainbow of colors, from vibrant shades of purples, fuchsia, and pinks. They symbolize femininity, luxury, strength and elegance.

ROSE | The rose has a long history of symbolism. Since ancient times, roses have been synonymous with love. While the kind of love varies from color to color, it’s always a sign of adoration, beauty and friendship.

SUNFLOWER | Cheerful, yellow sunflowers symbolize love and dedication. With some growing to more than a meter in diameter, the sunflower can also represent fertility, strength, truth and vitality.