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Where you should travel based on your zodiac sign

Where you should travel based on your zodiac sign

Planning a vacation? Before you book your ticket, consider where you should travel based on your zodiac sign.

Understanding your travel style, and finding the right destination, isn’t about getting the best airfare or jetting off to the latest hotspot. To make the most of your vacation experience, you need to understand how your star sign travels. 

Are you a thrill-seeking fire sign or a water sign who wants to learn the culture? Make your travel plans with astrology in bed to find the best vacation by zodiac sign. 


There are no lazy days sipping Mai Tias on the beach when an Aries travels. Natural adventurers, Aries wants to explore every nook and cranny of a destination and get to know the local people and culture. The more physical the activity, the better, so include hiking or scuba diving on the itinerary. Aries also prefers to steer clear of overcrowded tourist destinations and seek out unique, less well-known locals, especially in Indonesia and Asia.


Taurus works hard every day so vacation is a much-needed time to relax and unwind. Sensual Taurus craves experiences that appeal to the senses so add tasting local foods, swimming in the ocean, and listening to traditional music to the plan. Taurus has the most fun in destinations filled where there’s an abundance of nature, like Hawaii or Costa Rica.


For a Gemini, the best travel plan is no plan at all. With a love of discovery and exploration, Geminis embrace spontaneity and want to see where the adventure takes them. Gemini is looking for an authentic travel experience and will appreciate trying local foods, customs, and language. Since the whole world is on their bucket list, any destination will spark their sense of discovery.


When a Cancer roams, it is not to find adventure. Instead, they are looking for a sense of belonging and home. Because they want to get to know their destination on a deeper level, longer stays are preferable to quick trips. This allows the opportunity to learn the customs, values, and traditions of a location. Ideal destinations include South Africa, Australia, and Norway.


Leave the hiking boots and bug spray at home. Leos are looking for luxury in their travels. Leos are the happiest soaking up the sun on pristine beaches in Bali and touring the world’s most famous museums and royal palaces in Paris and Italy. Leos are also likely to pack vacation each day full of activities to see as much as possible.


Virgos see travel as an opportunity to learn about the world around them. They love to soak in historical details and information about local traditions. They are especially interested in the wildlife and spiritual history and traditions of their destination. The best places for a Virgo to explore are Greece, Egypt, and Belize.


For Libra, travel is a grand educational field trip. They will want to learn everything about their destination by touring historic sites, visiting local museums and government buildings, and talking to locals. Libra’s most important piece of luggage is their camera and they will take snapshots of every detail of the trip. Tibet, London, and Argentina are all ideal destinations.


Scorpios are prone to fall in love with their travel destinations and might even consider making a long-term move. As a water sign, Scorpios seek out river or ocean destinations, including Morocco, Zimbabwe, and California. It’s also important to Scorpios to share their love of travel with the people in their lives, so family vacations and romantic getaways are top priorities.


A Sagittarius has an innate sense of wanderlust. They are always dreaming and planning the next trip. Once at their destination, they will seek to soak up every moment of the experience, so don’t expect a great deal of rest. With such a love of travel, they will be happy on the go, no matter the destination. However, Spain, Thailand, and Germany should be on their wish list.


Capricorns know there is no place like home, so they may be more prone to a stay-cation than a far-flung destination. They might be interested in visiting tried-and-true tourist destinations if only to understand why they are so popular. Capricorns also want to learn something from their travels, either from tours or visiting with locals. Mexico, Washington D.C., and Rome all make ideal destinations.


Aquarians want their travels to be true adventures. They are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind experiences and are willing to go anywhere to find them. Because they embrace spontaneity and freedom, last-minute trips and spur-of-the-moment changes to the plan are all part of the fun. Aquarians also want to draw out the travel experience and make it last a little longer, so they will bring home pieces of art or local books. Sweden, Ethiopia, and Brazil are all on their must-see lists.


Don’t be fooled by Pisces’ calm, easy-going nature. Vacation is an opportunity for Pisces to go crazy, do something wild and try something new. Pisces often feel they are searching for their true identities, and traveling helps them get a bit closer to finding them. They will love far-flung destinations outside their comfort zones, such as the Sahara, India, and Portugal