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The Upside of Being Single During the Holidays

The Upside of Being Single During the Holidays

Sometimes those holiday headaches seem amplified when you’re single. Even if you’re perfectly content going solo year-round, the holidays can make you feel a little lonelier than usual. The nosy relatives asking about your relationship status don’t help and neither do the parties filled with couples and constant stream of romantic holiday movies on TV.

Of course, being single around the holidays isn’t all bad. In fact, there are a few really positive things about spending the season unattached. Some may even say you’re better off being single during this already stressful time of year. Here are some upsides to your current solo status:

It saves you money
How many times have you agonized over what to buy for the person you’re dating? Will she think you’re moving too fast if you get her something nice? Will he be insulted if it’s not personal enough? When you’re single, the pressure of buying the perfect gift for that special someone is nonexistent. Not only does it save you stress, it saves you money. Take the money you’d spend on a partner and pick out a gift for yourself!

You don’t have to divide your time
Every year, many couples face the dreaded holiday discussion, or argument, about who to spend the main events with. This kind of compromise rarely comes easy, unless you’re single andthere’s no concessions to be made at all! You get to spend your holidays however you like. Enjoy more quality time with your family and friends or plan a trip somewhere for yourself.

There’s no one to impress
Does anyone enjoy a holiday dinner with 50 of their partner’s closest family members? What about a work party with all of their colleagues? These are the kinds of things we endure in relationships, but they’re not necessarily the most enjoyable parts of the season. Luckily, if you’re single, you don’t have to attend either of them and the only family members and coworkers you’ve got to deal with are your own!

You can create your own traditions
When you don’t have to share the holidays with someone else, this can be your time to relax, recharge and spend them doing whatever you enjoy. Decorate however you like. Get your favorite takeout and watch the same holiday movie a dozen times. Treat yourself to some pampering or enjoy an activity you love. Create whatever traditions bring you holiday cheer!

You can put yourself out there
There’s absolutely nothing wrong about being happily single and loving every minute of your solo holiday season. But if you’re keen to find some romance, the holidays tend to put people in the mood. Say yes to the party invites you get and don’t worry about bringing a date. Use these events as a way to mingle and meet new people. Whether you’re looking for just a kiss under the mistletoe or someone to spend the holidays with next year, just try to enjoy yourself.

Attached or single, the holidays can bring challenges for just about everyone. No matter what your situation, try to be kinder to yourself. Allow yourself to feel how you’re feeling. If you’re struggling with the idea of a solo holiday season, remind yourself to enjoy it while it lasts as your soul mate might be just around the corner!