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Commune with Spirits when the Veil is Thin

Taking Advantage of the Thinning of the Veil to Comment with the Spirits

As Halloween nears, you may be anticipating trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins and dressing in costume. However, Halloween is far more significant than just spooky fun. Halloween is deeply rooted in the spiritual and physic realms and is the ideal time to explore, with the help of a psychic medium, the connection between the world of the living and realm of the dead.

Two connected worlds

When death claims someone, they leave the world of the living and pass over to the spirit realm. Their soul continues to exist and, often, they wish to communicate with their loved ones. However, a deep veil separates the two worlds, hiding each from the other. Though a psychic guide may be able to penetrate the veil, communicate between the two worlds is difficult. In order to call upon the departed, one must be free of physical ties and willing to transverse the void between the two realms. Even with a deep spiritual connection, the veil attempts to keep the two worlds separated.

Thinning of the veil

Near All Hallow’s Eve (otherwise known as Halloween) the veil between the spirit world and the world of the living thins and blurs. This allows spirits to slip through and walk once more among the living. It also permits psychic mediums and shamans to commune with the spirits, and connect the living with messages from their departed loved ones.

So why does the veil become so thin near Halloween? This has much to do with seasonal changes. Autumn serves as a bridge between the warm, green time of spring and summer and the cold, dark days of winter. With blooming flowers, and baby animals, spring and summer are time of growth, renewal, and, most importantly, life. During the winter season, the darkness comes earlier and holds the world closer. Animals hibernate and plats become dormant and wither. Winter is the season if death. But, between the live of summer and the death of winter, autumn provides a bridge to connect life to death. It is this bridge that helps to thin the veil.

Another occurrence during this season that encourages communication with the realm of the dead is the decrease in activity. During the autumn, the cold winds and dark days drawn people indoors. The lessening of activity, and the introspective mood of many of the living, invites spirts to split through the veil and walk among up for a while. Because spirits usually refer to exist in the shadows, Halloween is the perfect time for them to roam the land of the living, without getting too near.

Celebrating the thinning of the veil

Today, you’ll find many ways to honor ancestors during the spiritual days surrounding Halloween. These traditions have deep roots in the Pagan and Celtic cultures. Perhaps the earliest celebrations of Halloween were carried out by the ancient Celts of Ireland. The emerald isle was once covered in dense forests. Those living among the trees became attuned to the spirits that roamed the forests. During late autumn, when barely any light filtered down through the trees, the spirits were lured by the chill, the darkness and the absence of people. The Celts began to celebrate this time as Samhain

How can you make the most of the thinning of the veil?

Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween are ideal for communicating with the spirits.

  • Honor deceased loved ones and ancestors
  • Work with a psychic guide or shaman to communicate with the departed
  • Anticipate extra psychic energy to be floating around.
  • Have a Tarot Card reading, The increased psychic energy leads to clean, precise results.
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