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Psychic gifts from my grandmother

Psychic gifts from my grandmother

Fortune telling means everything to Alexis (aka The Sun)

It’s in his blood. He learned the art of divination from his grandmother, a beloved Greek medium. As a child, Alexis spent time honing his gifts in tarot card reading and clairvoyance under his grandmother’s guidance. He has been helping others through cartomancy and clairvoyance consultations for 11 years and credits it all to the constant presence of his grandmother. “I owe her everything,” Alexis says.

Here’s more about Alexis, his experience as a fortune teller, and his advice for those seeking his guidance, in his own words:

For over 11 years, I have been performing cartomancy and clairvoyance consultations. Since I was a little boy, thanks to the constant presence of my grandmother, I learned this wonderful divination and art. I owe her everything. 

Year after year, reading after reading, I have grown and I can say that fortune telling represents everything for me. During my teenage years, something clicked on me, which made me interested in this wonderful art and world. From there it was all an immense crescendo. Starting from my very first tarot deck, up to today to read various types of cards such as sibyl cards, Rider-Waite tarot, and oracle cards.

A grandmother walks hand-in-hand with her grandchild.

Growing out of grief 

I have always been a very closed, shy, reserved person. I loved solitude. I liked minding my own business. I loved to read and document myself in this wonderful and magical world. But at the same time, I had a great desire to communicate what my tarot and cards wanted to tell me. I wanted to try and read to someone. Interpret them at their best, giving an exceptional vision to anyone I had in front of me. Over time, it has become more magical, immense, and inestimable for me.

After the death of my grandmother in 2005, I went through a long period of suffering, and rejection. It certainly marked me very much. Everything changed from thereon. My ordinary life and my everyday life were lived differently. Mentally and psychologically I did not accept that this thing had happened. I was broken. 

To this day it represents for me a strong wound still open that I can hardly close. All this, however, with time, made things materialize, and evolve for me, thanks to his gift of clairvoyance she gave me. She was, is, and will always be with me. My oracle and guardian angel. She's everything to me.

The Sun demonstrates his tools. He holds tarot cards and clairvoyant sessions.
The Sun demonstrates the tools he uses during tarot card readings and clairvoyant sessions.

Cartomancy & clairvoyance 

The art of fortune telling has always fascinated and bewitched me. To this day, I always ask myself, “What would I do without my magic cards in my everyday life?”

During my readings, I mainly use tarot, sibyl cards, and the magic chakra pendulum. I customize the advice according to the type of question asked, so as to have an optimal and great response.

In my studio, I have several varied decks of tarot cards, divination cards, sibyls, oracle, and angelic cards. Even today, I have never stopped collecting and buying, and always have new decks to experiment with and use.

Tarot cards are unique, and magical, each with different graphics and print. Each deck of cards exudes a unique energy and divination practice. When choosing the deck of cards to use, it is always very essential and important to perceive and channel the energy you want to receive, and therefore also the answer itself.

In parallel, I have always had the gift of clairvoyance transmitted by my grandmother. She was a medium. I, unfortunately, did not inherit or receive her gifts as a medium, but I developed the practice and divination of clairvoyance.

I always had nightmares and dreams that were clearly premonitions about what would happen from there in a few days. Initially, I was always scared, afraid, and agitated. I didn't know how to handle this. I hardly ever talked about it with anyone. With time, however, I realized that it was all connected. Between my grandmother and me. 

This gift, this means of divination certainly served something. So I began to study, channel bodily energies, and develop the various bodily and physical senses of the universe. To see clearly and in detail through sensations, colors, energies, perceptions, and sounds what would have happened. All accompanied, of course, by my fortune telling.

Burning candles and tarot cards are on the tabl

The joy of spiritual readings

I think the best gratification you can have is to receive thanks from customers or people who have carried out a fortune telling consultation with me.

The real pleasure that was realized was what had been seen during the consultation. Immense satisfaction. What is established during a cartomancy reading consultation is not only a simple reading, clarification, suggestion, or confirmation of the question itself but a real journey that is faced. I have always thought that even simple conversation and analysis of one's question really means a lot. 

As I always say at every consultation, in these years I have learned that our real-time does not coincide with the karmic/divinatory time of fortune-telling and vision. Never rely 100% on time in fortune-telling. Let destiny evolve by itself. We let our timeline pass naturally. Let situations unfold by themselves. We listen to, accept, and understand, the suggestion of tarot and divination tools, even if it is negative or totally opposite from what we expected. 

Everything that is seen will happen. Never force or speed up time. You will get the opposite and totally negative effect. Patience is the essential value that I always suggest at the end of every consultation. Never focus on the response in an obsessive way.

We must live in a quiet and serene way in our own daily life. Unfortunately, we are going through a very bad and delicate period of our earthly existence. Helping each other is essential if not a duty, in my opinion.

We always need to channel light and new energy, basic elements that are unfortunately missing in this society that is always evolving in a dark and frightening vortex. We live in a very hectic world, full of chaos, stress, and disorder. Our energy and well-being are drained very quickly. We need to protect ourselves from all these.

That’s why I’m here, ready to help and advise you. Together we will always find clarification and the best solution for your life.

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