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Mind Reading Secrets: 3 Keys to Mastering the Skill

Mind Reading Secrets: 3 Keys to Mastering the Skill

Reading other people's thoughts might sound like a make-believe superpower or nothing more than a trick.

The truth is, some people are naturally gifted mind readers. For those of us who aren’t, it’s a skill that we can learn to some extent. 

Developing your ability to read minds can help improve your career, your love life, and your family relationships. What does your boss really think about you? Is your partner thinking about someone else when they’re with you? How can you get closer to your spouse?

People are constantly sending signals and broadcasting thoughts. You just need to learn how to tune into them. It takes a lot of practice, but you can eventually see beyond someone’s words and understand what they’re really trying to say.


Mind reading starts with body language. Watch for the subconscious physical cues through touch, movement, voice, and eye contact. Every detail is important. 

A lot can be gained from hand gestures. For instance, people who display open palms are seen as honest and sincere. Those who hide their thumbs inside their pockets lack confidence and feel insecure. 

Eye gaze is another great clue. It can reveal a lot about a person's feelings or thoughts. Direct eye contact indicates that the person is interested and attentive. On the other hand, someone who constantly breaks eye contact may be distracted, uncomfortable, or hiding something. Covering the mouth may be also an effort to hide an emotional reaction or disagreement. Lip biting may indicate that the person is stressed, worried, or anxious.

Posture also reveals a lot. Open posture, with arms and legs uncrossed, suggests openness and approachability. Hiding the body with crossed arms can be a sign that someone disagrees or wants out of the interaction.


The best way to boost your mind-reading abilities is simply to listen. It sounds easy but it means genuinely being presenting and giving the other person your full, undivided attention. And don’t interrupt! Listening is much more than simply waiting for your turn to talk. Really listen so you can hear what they’re saying, and also what they’re not saying.


A mind reader, also known as a telepath or a mentalist, can see your innermost self. Some are gifted empaths able to tap into your mind on an emotional level. Others are remote viewers who can access a sixth sense that allows them to tune into your thoughts like a movie or a radio. Mind readers can also be highly skilled and highly intuitive people who have developed their ability with time and practice.

One thing they all have in common: they listen to their intuition. They’ve learned to trust that gut feeling and follow their innate senses. To unlock your mind-reading abilities, you need to listen to others but also to yourself. Your intuition can help you see beyond body language and words to discover what someone is really thinking. 

Mind readers can see through the conflict and concerns that clutter your mind. Give yourself some clarity with a mind-reading session