Mind Reading 234 Advisors

A talented mind reader has the ability to divest themself of their own thoughts and feelings to merge and become one with the subject of their consultation. They have a finely-developed sixth sense that we all possess, but mind readers find it as easy to use this sense as they do their vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch senses. For some, it’s an empathic, emotional, and intuitional process. Other mind readers use a more cognitive and mentalized mode to tune into your thoughts.

Mind reading is also known as telepathy, thought transference, and mentalism. A form of extra sensory perception, it is the transmission of information between two people that does not rely on any of the other five senses or even require physical proximity. Unlike other forms of psychic readings in which the practitioner observes and evaluates the forces and energies that surround their client coming from other people or the environment, mind reading is specifically focused on the thoughts of the client alone.

Seeking a consultation with a mind reader would be a helpful gift to give yourself if you are conflicted about a choice you have to make and are considering a variety of options. Because we are often too close to our own lives and issues to see clearly enough to take actions in our own best interests, consulting a sharp and effective mind reader who can cut right through the murky astral emotions and our conflicting desires can be of immense benefit.