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5 subconscious signs someone likes you

5 subconscious signs someone likes you

You’re crushing hard on someone and you think they’re sending you the same signals, but how do you know for sure? It’s not easy to take the leap and let them know how you feel when you’re not certain they share your feelings. 

There’s no way to be sure until one of you takes the chance, but there are some subconscious clues they may be giving out that can provide some insight into whether or not they’re interested. Our bodies and minds have subtle ways of signaling attraction that we may not even be aware we’re doing. If you wondering how your crush feels about you, keep an eye out for these five signs:

They make eye contact

There’s something intimate about prolonged eye contact. You meet eyes with someone across a room — if you’re interested in one another, chances are your eyes will meet again. Yet, if you’re not into them, you’ll likely avoid making repeated eye contact. If someone keeps making eye contact with you or holds their gaze, it’s a positive sign. 

They touch you

When we like someone, we find subtle ways to make physical contact, whether we realize it or not. People often subconsciously use touch to signal interest. It might be a gentle touch on the arm while talking, a playful punch in the shoulder, or even small forms of grooming. Does the person you like find subtle ways to touch you? When you touch them, do they pull away? 

They lean in

When you talk to your crush, do they lean toward you? Leaning into a conversation is how we signal openness, approachability and friendliness. We turn away from those we don’t want to make contact with but if their body is oriented toward you, take it as a good sign.

They copy your movements

Does your crush mimic your movements? The way you’re standing, tilting your head, holding your arms — are they doing the same thing? We may subconsciously copy the body position of people we like. You can test this theory by mirroring them, then change your body position and see if they do the same. 

They get rid of barriers

If you’re around someone you don’t like, you may find yourself putting up barriers. You keep your distance, fold your arms, or put a piece of furniture between you. When you like someone, you want these barriers to disappear. You’re more likely to uncross your arms, move closer and remove whatever physical obstacles that stand between you.

Since these subconscious actions can signal interest, they can also be used as subtle ways to let someone else know how you feel. Try making eye contact with your crush, mirroring their actions or touch their arm the next time you chat. That said, it’s important to respect personal boundaries and give people space. If you get the vibe your flirting is unwelcome, it’s time to back off. We don’t have romantic chemistry with everyone but we all have someone out there who will cause the sparks to fly.