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The Best Zodiac Love Matches

Love Is Written In The Stars - Finding Your Best Relationship Through Love Compatibility

Are you on a quest to find lasting love, a passionate romance or your soul mate?  Is your once fiery relationship dwindling to a flicker and leaving you confused?  It’s time to look to the stars and the elements that rule them. Your zodiac sign, and the element to which it belongs, has a great deal to do with the success, happiness and compatibility of your relationships.

Each zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements. These elements determine the core aspects of personality and maintain a powerful influence on how people interact and relate to each other. To gain a greater understanding of yourself, and to find your perfect love match, you must first identify your own element.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Shared Element Relationships

Love at first sight anyone? If you've ever felt that instant spark of connection, you probably share the same astrological element. What some chalk up to chemistry is actually your spirit recognizing a similar core personality and a familiar outlook on life. There are some serious advantages to starting a relationship with someone who shares your astrological element since it is easy to get to know them and to feel as if you are on the same page.

However, there are also some drawbacks to relationships between shared elements. Because there is so much common ground there is little balance or friction. While this makes for an easy relationship early on, it may lead to boredom later. Shared-element relationships may lack the important elements of surprise and wonder. These relationships don't always encourage growth and run the risk of feeling stagnant. While some people thrive in relationships based on shared-elements similarities and predictability, most need the give-and-take that someone with a different approach to life can bring to the mix.

Two Fire Signs

Relationships between air signs burn fast and hot. Energy rules these relationships and actions are more important than words. This combined energy means that these are often very productive relationships. A partnership between Fire signs can accomplish great things quickly. But watch out. Fiery relationships often burn themselves out just as quickly as they ignite.

Two Earth Signs          

Relationships between earth signs really are down to earth. These practical, pragmatic partnerships have little to do with emotion or passion. Instead, material, cultural and economic concerns take center stage. But, don’t assume these relationships are mundane. Love has the opportunity to grow between Earth signs when goals and expectations are in line.

Two Air Signs

Communication is the heart of a relationship between two Air signs. Love can flourish based on the exchange of ideas. Open communication is a strong foundation for intimacy and trust. Both verbal and nonverbal communication is at play here. Be careful that the relationship does not become all talk and no action.

Two Water Signs

When two water signs get together, emotions are based on instinct. In these relationships, a deep understanding of motivations may lead to love and mutual respect. However, because emotions are understood on a gut level, there may be missed opportunities for communication. Since there is no need to define goals and priorities, two Water signs may simply continue to drift along together without moving the relationship forward.

Opposing Sign Relationships

While some people thrive in relationships based on shared-elements similarities and predictability, most need the give-and-take that someone with a different approach to life can bring to the mix.

Fire and Air

These opposing signs form a beautiful push and pull between action and communication. Since Fire prefers to act on their love, they may inspire fresh energy in their Air partner. On the other hand, Air may encourage Fire to slow down and explore the more philosophical side of life and romance.

Earth and Water

This relationship is a merger between emotion and practicality. While Earth encourages responsibility and forward planning, Water demonstrates tenderness and pure devotion. This combination of logic and love provides elegant balance.

Other Elemental Combinations

Fire and Earth

These relationships are built on respect and mutual admiration. Stable, practical Earth finds inspiration in Fire’s constant action, especially if those efforts produce results. Earth may also provide a safe anchor for Fire’s on-the-go lifestyle. For a relationship between Earth and Fire to succeed over the long term, there should be clearly defined boundaries and ground rules. However, while Fire craves Earth’s security, they won’t appreciate being held down. 

Fire and Water

There’s plenty of passion between Fire and Water. Emotional Water comes alive around Fire’s energy. Fire craves the zeal with which Water approaches life. But, is this a healthy combination? It depends on which personality dominates. Fire has the ability to help Water grow. However, if Water overshadows, they may squelch Fire’s passion and drive.

Earth and Air

This mix of ideas and action can lead to great things if Earth and Air learn to work together. Air provides ideas and inspiration and Earth provides the hard work to make things happen. Earth provides a stable center for mysterious Air. However, Earth may end up feeling taken advantage of if Air doesn’t chip in its share of the workload. To form a successful Earth-Air partnership, set attainable goals together and establish specific roles without the relationship. 

Air and Water

This relationship provides a nice mix of emotion and logic. Rational, sensible Air gets an uplifting infusion of warmth and joy from Water. On the flip side, Water’s sentimental nature becomes more thoughtful and intellectual in Air’s presence. Just be careful that the relationship doesn’t get stuck in the realm and thoughts and ideas. For an Air-Water partnership to work, care must be given to moving the relationship forward through action.

Understanding the impact of astrological signs is the key to finding lasting happiness in a relationship. An astrologer advisor on Zodiac Live can help you find love by showing you which elements you are most compatible with. Whether you are looking for your next relationship or trying to rescue an ailing one, our astrologer advisors will guide your quest for love.