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Life lessons | Why do bad things happen?

Life lessons | Why do bad things happen?

Some of the most frequent questions I get asked begin with “why”.  

Why me? Why do I have to go through this? Why can’t I just meet them now? Why do things always seem to be so hard for me? 

All completely normal questions. Most of the time, it’s hard to understand why we go through trauma or heartbreak and everything else in between. There may or may not be what I like to call “worldly reasons”. Meaning, surface-level excuses from others that are involved in the wrongdoing. But I have found that there are two deeper reasons why: there is a lesson to be learned and/or an experience to be had. 

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Lessons learned in life

Lessons always help us grow. There is a lesson in practically every matter of life. They come whether we want them or not, even come we don’t think we need them, which is my favorite kind of lesson. It’s always when we don’t think we need the lesson, that we actually need it the most. But you find that it was needed eventually.  

This can be in a lover or love interest. This can be going onto a career path that maybe doesn’t work out and we need to try again. We must understand that with lessons comes wisdom. It’s life’s education. It’s hard to understand why the universe moves the way it does.  But the universe is full of possibilities and hope. The harder times fall in line at certain points of our lives to make other things possible. Lost your job? You're meant to go onto something else. What it is or what it means to you is the unique part.

Breaking up? Whether it’s meant to be or not, it needed to happen for a lesson to be learned. Depending on the person, it is always different. We may go through similar situations, but we each face different struggles for different reasons and learn different lessons. We may not think we need or even want the lesson, but it comes to us either way. 

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The meaning of life experience 

What does experience mean to you? There is a wide range of experiences in life. It could be the smallest thing, maybe doing a good deed or someone showing an interest, then all of a sudden not. Or the biggest thing, maybe riding a rollercoaster, or needing to go through a tough loss or divorce. It can be a good or bad experience. But all have a deep meaning behind them. Maybe the experience is going through a loss or a breakup or hard times financially.  

We ask why does this need to happen? But experiencing pain and hardships often helps us to experience joy. It’s certainly hard to imagine joy while going through a traumatic experience. It can also be hard when it’s not as traumatic. That’s where we think we are just stuck but it’s never ever that way forever. We work through things, learn things and look back. 

We often say that was so hard or sad, but I am stronger now than I was because I got through it. It takes different amounts of time for everyone to get through hardships. We may never forget but we can heal. When a breakup happens and you want to find that true love right after, it’s not always possible. It’s because there are other experiences we must go through before meeting that person who is meant to stay. Either way, all experiences lead us to new things and shape our lives

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Everything happens for a reason

It’s important to remember things happen in all shapes and forms for reasons that we may not know now, but will in the future. They can be good or bad things. Things we don’t like nor want. But we don’t always know what we will want in the future. One major thing to know is that letting go of a tough past is healthy. It helps you move on with your life. You won’t forget but you will remember how you overcame and gained strength from that situation.  

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