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Can Divine Feminine Energy Help Your Relationship?

Can Divine Feminine Energy Help Your Relationship?

Divine feminine energy is recognized as the essential nature of cosmic femininity. It is helpful to be aware of divine feminine energy in the world and in yourself. Recognizing and enhancing this energy can improve your self-awareness and, in turn, your relationships.

We are all divine beings and may oscillate between characteristics that are inherently more feminine or masculine, astrologically. Getting in touch with divine feminine energy can help guide you on your spiritual journey of self-improvement.

This energy is powerful and mysterious, and its manifestations are interpretive, but there is no denying its imbued presence in every female, and to understand divine feminine energy is to better understand yourself as a woman, as well as the women around you.

What is divine feminine energy?

Divine feminine energy is an interpretation of cosmically predetermined characteristics of females. There are many who believe the essence of this can best be explained through the concept of Mother Nature: both giver and taker of life, both nurturing and cold, both passive and aggressive. The reason for this is that, like nature, cosmic femininity runs in cycles.

Think of Mother Nature throughout the seasons as an example of that cycle: in spring and summer, nature is a bountiful giver of life; in fall and winter, nature is harsh and calculating. There are ages, developmental stages, or events in a woman’s life in which she will utilize different parts of this essence, adaptability being among her strengths.

The cycles of this feminine energy are inconsistent. With each individual, there will be differences in how these energies are presented. It is helpful to recognize which of these characteristics come naturally to you, and which ones you may want to work on enhancing for a more balanced approach to self-improvement.

Divine feminine energy is not a catchall reason for why a woman may act a certain way; rather, it’s a cosmic force that flows through each woman like water, sometimes calm and serene, and sometimes stormy.

Find the divine feminine energy within yourself

All women are created with divine feminine energy. Recognizing this in yourself takes self-awareness and reflection. There is something you can do to help: make several lists.

First, list your attributes and flaws as you see them within yourself. Next, list your attributes and flaws as you’ve been told by others. Third, list conflicts or major life events, look at them objectively, and list attributes and flaws you portrayed during times of trial or great joy.

If you find a characteristic (loyal, stubborn, nurturing, for example) that is in at least two of the categories above, circle it and see which part of divine feminine energy you already have in yourself.

Use energy to help your relationships

Now that you’re aware of what feminine energy you possess, reflect on how it affects your relationships. We all have flaws, but is there a behavior pattern you haven’t recognized? Is self-sabotage a possibility?

Once you become aware of how your feminine energy affects your relationship, you can enhance it or try to diminish it to improve your relationship.

Much divine feminine energy begins as nurturing. If you have attributes that can help you tap into your inherent nurturing state, present them more often in a relationship. If there is resistance, you could be subconsciously telling yourself that you don’t want this relationship to grow, and it may be time to seek comfort elsewhere.

Feminine energy thrives in a relationship when it’s balanced with masculine energy. Feminine energy has cycles and subtleties, while masculine energy can be much more direct and thorough. It is important to keep in mind that one is not better than the other, and there is no “right way” for a relationship to balance. But recognizing feminine and masculine energies in yourself and your partner can aid you in bringing more balance to an existing relationship.

A fundamental difference between these energies exists in many areas, but one especially important to relationships is the concept of a love language. There are five love languages, none of which is inherently feminine or masculine, but it is important to know which love languages you respond to, and which your partner prefers. Love languages refers to the way you communicate to someone that you love them, and to the way you prefer to be communicated with. This is another example of a difference in partners, where neither is “right,” but it’s important to recognize that your partner may have a different love language than you.

For instance, perhaps you show your love through acts of service, such as doing chores or cooking meals, but your partner may need words of affirmation. This would indicate that, even though your actions show your love, it’s important for you to take the time to say it more often, since that is your partner’s love language.

Knowledge of the divine energies in ourselves and our partner, as well as knowledge of our specific love languages, can provide clarity not only in ourselves as individuals but also in how we function in a partnership. This knowledge can be applied to improving a relationship in many ways: it can alter and increase effective communication with one another; it can help each partner recognize their energy and what they bring to the table, giving them confidence to grow in areas where development is needed; and it can foster a state of awareness and reflection between both parties.

Take your divine feminine energy wherever you go

Tapping into and enhancing our divine feminine energy can help us better understand ourselves or our partners and bring depth to relationships. Divine feminine energy manifests itself in various, unique, and beautiful ways.

The contributions of divine feminine energy add balance and foster growth in our relationships and in our world at large. In addition, knowledge of this can help create a new perspective on the world and its life cycles.